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The Beat Goes On: The Archies are practicing their music when Jughead decides to move his drum. Hot Dog comes in chasing a cat and breaks the drum. Betty gives Jughead some money to buy a new drum, and Jughead goes to Mr. Griswold’s music shop. There, he picks out a drum but it lands on a clarinet and breaks. Jughead picks out another one, but it nearly destroys Ms. Griswold’s store. Jughead guards the drum on his way back, only to collide the drum with Reggie’s guitar. Betty goes to the store and buys another drum, but as soon as she comes back, Hot Dog chases the cat and destroys the drum again. Jughead ends up using pots instead of drums.

Statistics: Archie runs to Betty, Veronica and Reggie quoting a statistic about how one gallon of sea water yields four tablespoons of salt. The others are tired of Archie repeatedly quoting statistics and tell him that no one is interested in statistics. Jughead appears and disagrees with them. He tells Veronica how forty two percent of brunettes go bald by the age of thirty. Veronica gets terrified and runs off to see a specialist. Jughead then tells Betty that sixty four percent of all blondes get seventy two percent of blemishes, and Betty also runs off, deciding to dye her hair. Jughead then tells Reggie that the intellectually superior male loses his teeth forty four percent sooner than the average dumbbell and Reggie leaves depressed, thinking how lucky Archie is. After they leave, Jughead tells Archie that ninety eight people, who quote statistics, make them up as they go along, and Archie realizes that Jughead just made up the statistics to fool the others.

Hair: Mrs. Jones tells Hot Dog to get off the furniture because he is shedding too much hair. She tells Jughead to take care of it, and Jughead decides to brush Hot Dog’s hair. Mrs. Jones tells him to stop and vacuum the hair off the furniture instead. Jughead hates doing chores, and gets the idea of vacuuming Hot Dog itself so that Hot Dog wouldn’t shed anymore. Hot Dog goes crazy at the thought and starts running around the house. Jughead tries to get him to sit in one place, and in turn destroys the house. Mrs. Jones enters the room and is shocked to see it destroyed, but Jughead tells her the house is neat as all the loose hair is in the vacuum.

Ring Around Rosie: Little Jinx is watching a nine year old baby elephant ride the bicycle on television and mentions that anyone can ride a bicycle when they are nine years old!

By the Book: Reggie overhears Jughead telling Archie that he’s just read the greatest book ever. Reggie joins in and sees that the book is “The Secret of Wilderness Tracking”. Reggie tells him that the book is useless, but Jughead strongly disagrees. Reggie decides to play a game and tells Jughead to look for him in ten minutes based on what he learned from the book. Reggie randomly walks through the streets, not sure of where he is going, and knows that Jughead will never find him. Archie follows Jughead’s trail for Reggie, sure that Jughead will never find him either. However, in a few minutes, Jughead finds Reggie in the Bijou theatre. Reggie is shocked and decides to buy the book from Jughead. Later, as Archie and Jughead are going to the chocklit shoppe, Jughead tells him that the book is useless and he knew where Reggie was because he saw Pop Tate give him a free pass to today’s show at the Bijou.

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