What if Juggernaut tried to pick up Mjolnir while running?

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Question is in the title, what would happen if Juggernaut (not de-powered) was running at full speed towards Mjolnir lying on the ground and grabbed it while running? My theory is that he would be as unable as anyone to lift it and his unstoppable enchantment would be overpowered, or Mjolnir would break in two and be rendered useless anyway. What are your thoughts?

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or Juggies arms could be ripped off or Juggies grip on the hammer would just break.

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He can't pick Mjolnir regardless of what he does. He can't break it either, so no.

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it all depends of the writers description of Juggernant unstoppable strength and movement. My opinion is that Caine could really do this feat

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Hulk was able to lift it in that animated Ultimates movie (yes, the movie sucked, but it was still a good scene)

#6 Posted by joshmightbe (26941 posts) - - Show Bio

The planet would explode.

#7 Posted by amutant (280 posts) - - Show Bio

The strain would cause a Juggy fart that wipes out all life for 5 blocks.

#8 Posted by Farkam (6336 posts) - - Show Bio

@amutant said:

The strain would cause a Juggy fart that wipes out all life for 5 blocks.


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He would not be able to pick it up, he would be halted in the process (or his arms would tear off).

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