What about Juggernatu and Marvel ?

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 I wondered....why Marvel...doesnt use Jugg in way he could be used....

He is so nice being with potential for virtually limitless strength and durability...He is living avatar of Cyttorak's power. Cyttorak who is one of the most powerfull being in Marvel Universe.

Writers could use Jugg in so many nice comics...They could use his power in realy interesting stories...

What do we have now ? Depowered Jugg who is weak even to Classic level of power Cain Marko...

What do you think ? Do we see any nice comic with real powered Jugg in..."time" ?

#2 Posted by AssertingValor (7043 posts) - - Show Bio

Juggs is underplayed  even at his best.....................
#3 Posted by Kallarkz (3389 posts) - - Show Bio
Well...hes in Fear Itself as one of the chosen to carry a hammer so I imagine we will be seeing him quite a bit in the following months
Who knows what will happen after the event.
#4 Posted by PowerHerc (86141 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see more of him.

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