Is Juggernaut really that powerful?

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This is a genuine question, not a rip on the character or anything. It's just, seeing so many Battles threads regarding Juggs and the amount of talking-up that occurs, it made me wonder. I've never read any X-Men comics where he makes an appearance, and the only story I know of him is through the original Animated Series. Is he really as powerful as everyone makes him out to be?
Feel free to show me images from comics to elaborate your point as I'm genuinely interested.

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When Cyttorak is in a good mood he has been seen too be pretty powerful. He was one of the few people that could engage WWH in h2h combat and hold his own (until Hulk used his "unstoppable" movement against him). 
Recently we had seen him go through a depowerment but since Faar Itself hit and he has become one of the chosen he is off causing problems again.

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To answer the question "Is The Juggernaut really that powerful?" Yes, he really is that powerful. 
Unless a writer wants to depower him for no good reason and without a good explanation.

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Depends... When he's at his fullest he's quite powerful, the problem is that many times he is slightly depowered, such as the times when he is a "good" guy, since in these times the Cyttorak is not favouring him. Of course this is just an excuse for writers to use, since if he was on a team at his fullest the team would easily overpower others.

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what everyone said so far is pretty much it, but if your still interested you might want to check out fear itself: the worthy, it pretty much explains how juggernauts power works in there.

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Yes. Deep research can be needed to fully understand it. Would provide examples but this forum itself is pretty much nothing but examples of his power.

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Juggernaut had to be toned down over the past decade or so because of his populary meaning he showed up a lot. 
But for most of his existence, he was quite literally Unstoppable, and that was his entire thing.  The Juggernaut WAS The heavy hitter of the marvul universe (Noncosmic, anyway).  He went toe to toe with Thor and Hulk, the two allegedly most powerful heroes, and just thrashed them.  
As a villain, he's Unstoppable.  As a hero, though, he's generally just a bruiser. 
You can't beat him, you can't stop him, all you can do is outsmart him.

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Is he powerful? Yeah he's the juggernaut (insert comedic cuss word here)!!!!
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physically yes, otherwise no

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@cattlebattle said:
physically yes, otherwise no
?? Isn't it enough?
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@ReVamp said:
@cattlebattle said:
physically yes, otherwise no
?? Isn't it enough?
not really,considering once his helmet is removed, any telepath can turn him into a drooling vegetable. Comparing characters like Hulk, who is physically powerful and would spit in a telepaths face...he just isn't as impressive imo
he is also magically powerful....i forgot, but apparently this is depending on the writer
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@cattlebattle said:
@ReVamp said:
@cattlebattle said:
physically yes, otherwise no
?? Isn't it enough?
not really,considering once his helmet is removed, any telepath can turn him into a drooling vegetable. Comparing characters like Hulk, who is physically powerful and would spit in a telepaths face...he just isn't as impressive imo he is also magically powerful....i forgot, but apparently this is depending on the writer
Well, the Hulk is like the Juggernaught but only to a bigger extent.
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When i was younger the quickest way that  a superhero could gain respect in my eyes was if he could beat juggs. Not physically, because he's unstoppable, literally unstoppable and they would have to outsmart him. 
To answer your question he can be that powerful 

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YES! Juggernaut is powerful enough to fight abstracts! 
The majority of users here are at an age range of 16 to mid 20's, but they've been watching Juggernaut in cartoons and reading WIS (Writer induced Stupidity) of Juggernaut. However, I'm sure anyone who read Juggernaut since the 60's to late 80's will know for a fact, that Juggernaut is power enough to defend himself from abstracts beings like Eternity, Nightmare and Oblivion. In fact, he's fought all three of these guys and they could not kill him. Oblivion was the last abstract Juggernaut fought and it was a stalemate. The concept of dreams, Nightmare was almost destroyed because of Juggernaut. Back then Juggernaut had hidden mastery of magic almost in par to Dr. Strange. His durability was tested to the max against the concept of fear, D'Spyare, in which was the only conceptual being to destroy Juggernaut's body with the use of Juggernaut's own power, but even D'Spyare who had the power to destroy the universe, could not kill Juggernaut. A depowered Juggernaut also fought the Cosmic Stranger, and the Cosmic Stranger was KO'ed by the depowered Juggernaut! Lastly, Juggernaut was approached by Beyonder, Beyonder briefly probed Juggernaut and determined he is an indestructible being. He teleported the Juggernaut on an asteroid just to keep him away from him. 
Juggernaut was created by Stan Lee to be the one character that can fight all characters in the Marvel roster without able to be harmed. He's a character to be used as a "JOBBER" and the only way to defeat him is through Plot devices. In other words, PIS, CIS, and WIS defeat the Juggernaut, not the characters fighting him.

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Its his whole 'thing', once he starts moving there's nothing that can really stop him. Aslong as he keeps moving, the best move his opponents have is getting out of his way.
Is he capable of doing a Woldbreaker Hulk and break planets? No, I wouldnt say so because the nature of his powers differs from Hulk. At the end of WWH, it was sheer output of force that was Hulk was generating that was breaking the East Coast. Juggs on the other hand is limited by the reach of his own limbs, like if he was to stomp his boot in the ground, the effect would stop when his foot normally would. (That my personal perception of him anyways)

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Well, interesting question. First funnily enough, we have to answer another question that has nothing to do with Juggernaut, and more to do with people and confirmatory bias and perspectives and how they interpret and go on to subsequently project information. People do this differently, thus creating subjectivity, even if they are dealing with the same info (but then again, maybe they are not dealing with the same info?)  
So we will not only get conflicting opinions, but because this is fiction, we will get conflicting facts as well or conflicting perspectives and reasoning. So I mean, who do you mean by everyone? You probably won't get one single accurate answer. Juggernaut is a deus ex machina character. A walking, and talking plot device, and one of the best. All characters are to some tiny extent, but yeah, so in that sense, Juggernaut is as powerful as you want him to be, and history would show that, that is pretty powerful. 

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Cyttorak is damn near all powerful, how much of that power he allows Juggernaut use seems to depend solely on his mood being that he's both super charged and depowered Juggs for various reasons, some reasonable some completely baffling and out of character so basically if Cyttorak would get his sh*t together Juggernaut would probably be one of Marvel's most powerful characters,or dead

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Juggernaut was given an open ended powerset with a broad limitation to it, making it possible for writers and readers alike to make Juggernaut as strong as they wish him to be. This is not used a lot in Marvel which is why he has less impressive feats then someone like say Thor, Hulk or Sentry, but it is used a lot in battles so that readers can depict him easily stomping someone like Cyborg Superman without even breaking a sweat. I've followed juggernaut along with the X-men since 1986, I know for a fact he can be beaten by someone of sufficient stregnth and durability be it physical or magic. There are also a lot of shoulda coulda and woulda's attached to him in Battle threads to, in order to make him even more unstsppable. From the books I have read with Juggernaut in them(All of them) It should be noted that he is extremely powerful. However based off of the database sites I've visited especially sites that can be edited openly by the members of it's community, Juggernaut is considereably over rated compared to his offical power set due to Fan desire and speculation. The writers have yet to display him as powerful a readers make him up to be, now there is plenty of Verbal Dialogue in and out of comic's in regards to what he "can" do. At the same time the things he "can" do are very rarely shown outside of limited magic, superhuman strength, and his forcefield. Then excuses are constantly made in favor of these Can do abilities whenever he get's beaten. IMHO he's over rated, powerful but over rated.

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Was the time when Thor used mjolnir to spin around where they where fighting to nullify Cyttorak power PIS or just clever?

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