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Judy Tanner lived a normal existence with her husband, Jack, until June of 1993. While exiting a sushi bar with Judy, a cloaked figure approaches the couple, and fatally stabs Jack in the stomach. The figure quickly disappears, leaving Jack to die in Judy's arms. In the last moment of Jack's life, Judy admits to him that she dyes her hair. After Jack's death, Judy slips into a

Jack Tanner

deep depression. While going through Jack's belongings, Judy finds an envelope inside a pair of Jack's pants. Inside of the envelope, Judy finds the address and key belonging to a separate apartment maintained by her late husband, and proceeds to visit the dwelling. There, she discovers the trappings of Jack's double life as an assassin for The Order, a secret society that engages in illicit affairs. Along with the leather straps that comprised Jack's costume as The Extremist, Judy also finds a series of videotapes chronicling his activities as a killer. Judy learns that Jack was charged with threatening to expose The Order's secrets, and was killed as the result.  

However, she vowed to avenge his death, and donned The Extremist's costume. She utilized


Jack's notes to locate one of the seedy bondage clubs owned by The Order, and meets Patrick, Jack's sponsor into The Order. Patrick fully welcomes her into The Order, and attempts to instill in her the importance of continuing Jack's work. Judy tells Patrick that she has no intention of becoming an assassin for The Order, and will only wear the costume until she can locate Jack's killer. Patrick continued to persist, and eventually Judy found herself fully immersed in the decadent activities of The Order. Patrick agrees to aid Judy in her vengeance quest, as long as she will serve as The Extremist. She agrees, and proceeds to murder several individuals deemed a threat to The Order's affairs.  

Judy Accepts Her Fate

In January of 1994, Judy meets a woman who confesses that she murdered Jack. Judy murders her without a second thought, but then learns that the woman was suicidal, and paid Patrick to have someone murder her. Patrick confesses that he was the one responsible for Jack's death, infuriating Judy. She attempts to murder Patrick, but finds herself unable to. Patrick tells her that Jack was murdered, because he refused to leave Judy, and fully commit himself to The Order. He tells Judy that by killing Jack, he was freeing her to serve The Order. Judy then fully committed herself to becoming the The Order's assassin, giving in to the darkness inside her.  

Powers & Abilities

Judy Tanner possesses the strength of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise    
Judy As "The Extremist"




A leather bondage costume that completely conceals her body.



Short Sword

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