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The Judgment League: Avengers are the premiere superhero team of the Amalgam Universe.

Judgment League: Avengers find Super-Soldier

The heroes that would eventually form the Judgment League: Avengers were initially gathered at the behest of Doctor Strangefate. Dr. Strangefate requested assistance in defeating an unknown foe, though it can be surmised that foe was the Skulk. The heroes Strangefate gathered were Canary, the Mariner, Angelhawk and Iron Lantern. Soon new members would join, including Goliath and Myx, who would decide to make his stay on the team very brief, as he could not tolerate superheroes. Captain Marvel also joined the team soon after Myx had left. Iron Lantern seemed to also have left the team before the Judgment League: Avengers found the body of the World War II superhero, Super-Soldier.

Clark Kent, Super-Soldier, had been frozen in animated status for 40 years. He was fortuitously found by the JLA in an icecap in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The heroes of the JLA were able to defrost him carefully and revive him fully. Super-Soldier decided to remain with the team that saved his life and became a long-standing member. In time other members joined, including Hawkeye, who cast Canary in the middle of a love triangle involving Goliath as well. The Judgment League: Avengers became involved in several epic battles, including a battle against Will Magnus, who created a being called the Red Crimson to destroy the Judgment League: Avengers, who ended up betraying Will Magnus and join the superhero team. Another epic battle the JLA were involved in was the Secret Crisis of the Infinite Hour, where they battled the evil Thanoseid.

In time a new generation of heroes joined the Judgment League: Avengers, fighting alongside the veterans. The New Blood, as the new members of the team who were all meta-mutants were called, included Apollo, Firebird, Runaway, Wraith, Nightcreeper and Mercury. After some time, the villainous Will Magnus was able to persuade the government to apprehend the JLA's Mariner, labeling him an eco-terrorist. The meta-mutant members of the Judgment League: Avengers would not stand by that judgment and took the side of Mariner, who is also the world's first meta-mutant. The rest of the Judgment League  Avengers, including Canary, Captain Marvel, Goliath, Super-Soldier, Hawkeye, Angelhawk and Dark Claw, were forced to battle the meta-mutants, who began to call themselves JLX. Judgment League: Avengers and JLX fought in the middle of the ocean but the battle ended when it seemed that Angelhawk was seriously injured. JLX, Mariner and Mr X, who was aiding JLX, made their escape to the underwater city of Atlantis while the JLA took Angelhawk to get medical assistance.

In time, Mr X and JLX was caught by Judgment League: Avengers and apprehended. Amazon also joined the Judgment: League: Avengers at this time. Soon the JLA, and allied teams JLA West and JLA International, were attacked by the menace known as Fin Fang Flame. JLA was soundly defeated, except for Amazon who freed the incarcerated JLX and joined together to stop Fin Fang Flame. Amazon decided to defect from the JLA and join JLX, as she is also a meta-mutant.

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