what are the best judge dredd stories?

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hey. just trying to figure out judge dredd story's to get if ever go looking for them. help would be nice thanks

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The two best Dredd stories are: America (collected as complete America - superb artwork from Colin MacNeal) and The Pit (Dredd turns around a failing sector house). Both on Amazon. Alternatively, go for the case files which reprint everything from the very beginning (1977 - although it doesn't get really good until The Cursed Earth which is reprinted in volume 2). Have fun! There are over 30 years worth of stories out there - if you pick any of the ones written by John Wagner you won't go far wrong.

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The earlier, campier stuff can be a lot of fun. Stuff like The Day The Law Died, The Judge Child and City Of The Damned are worth reading. I'd also highly recommend Judge Death: Boyhood Of A Super Fiend or Necropolis for some classic Judge Death stuff.

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