Judge Dredd is #1, still going strong... he is the law.

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I'm a big Dredd fan, as many are. This guy is in thrilling great stories that entertain and push the bar, raises moral dilemmas, lowers perps into the meat wagon, and puts a clever gritty spin on your ongoing crime fighting saga. And creator John Wagner is still contributing to this comic regularly, after all these years, as is artist Carlos Ezquerra. I'd say Judge Dredd is the most solid run in comic history, and it's still rockin'. I can't read from 1977 to 2010 of any other comic without finding years and years of subpar stuff at some point, it seems to happen to every comic. Dredd has had a few rocky spots over his years, especially in the mid 90s, but never for long, and you always knew John Wagner would drop in to give us some brilliance. The entire run is readable without jumping off, and that's mind boggling.
1714 weekly issues of 2000AD so far, and Dredd has missed few. Also 305 monthly Judge Dredd Megazines, though it was fortnightly for a while too. Impressive stuff!
You want to start on Judge Dredd? Let me tell ya, we've been getting fresh new reprints of Dredd's exploits here in USA of late. 
I recommend two books especially, one being Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 2, which includes the two first epic Dredd stories. The Cursed Earth and The Day The Law Died, running for 25 and 20 weekly installments respectively. 164 and 111 pages respectively, in one fat book along with a few other fine tales. I also recommend Judge Death Lives, which includes the classic first two appearances of Judge Death, which happen a couple years after the events of those previous epics, along with newer stories. Or you could start from the beginning, which is enjoyable as well.
Just remember to do one thing... DROKK IT!

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Finally! Some kind of information pertaining to getting into Judge Dredd!!! Cheers for the post, going to order both paperbacks online now.

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