Final DREDD 3D Poster Debuts

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In just over a month and a half, the new Judge Dredd movie, DREDD, will arrive in theaters. We've seen the trailer (which you can check out again here) and the movie looks pretty dang good.

Today, Lionsgate has released the final poster for the movie.

It's a familiar looking pose. The obvious question is how will the 3D be? Will it add to the movie or just be an annoyance. We're looking forward to the movie. What are your thoughts on it?

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Im not familiar with DREDD but looks cool , just dont like the helmet but i guess thats how it needs to be. Cool poster.

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Remind me of the Dardevil the movie poster.

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I've not bothered with 3D in films I'm actually interested in since Avatar. I've mostly been able to zig-zag around it, but with Thor I had to wait for the blu-ray release.

I only really watch 3D films when 3D is the best thing they have going for them. When there's no plot to follow, and the 3D stuff is gratuitous enough to make you smile, that's when it's at its best, really. So basically, the Resident Evil films have become my regular 3D cinema experience. Looking forward to ducking more axes and throwing stars with the new one.

OH! And as for the poster. I'm crossing my fingers for this to the point where there's creaking in my finger bones. I was really hyped by the trailer they released.

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When i saw the trailer during Dark Knight Rises i was in awe. Hope it's better than Stallone's.

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Love Dredd one of if not the best British created character nice too see another crack in films. Looks better than previous. I only hope now they do Spawn again as for its budget it was a good film


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Can't wait to see it !

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I enjoyed Stallone in the first Judge Dredd movie, it was loads of fun if you didn't make the mistake of thinking about it. Since I have become a fan of Karl in LOTR, Doom, Star Trek, and a few others so I will give this one a shot. Although, if this one is only in 3D, then I will avoid it until it hits blu-ray or Netflix.

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I hope that this movie turns out good, same with "Total Recall". I am skeptical about both of them. And I heard that they are making a new Robocop? Is this true?

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Looks awesome. I'm really looking forward to this movie as a long time Judge Dredd fan!

Yeah. Robocop remake is on the way. I'm actually glad they are remaking this series. The original Robocops were in no way great - just more of something classic to watch from an "Good old days" perspective". Maybe they'll actually make Robocop a powerful and intimidating figure as opposed to a clown who gets ripped apart in just about every scene he is in.

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Damn slick poster, I'm really thinking about going to read some of my Dredd stuff to gear up for this

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@G-Man: Lol Brilliant!

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@M-Demon:I actually liked the Robocop movies. I just don't want them to change a lot. I want them to give it a good plot as well.

Like the plot for Judge Dredd seems okay. But that's it. I much rather it be about, say, the Dark Judges! Like Total Recall, do you think they will even go to Mars? I haven't seen anything in the trailers. How do you feel about the Judge Dredd plot?

P.S. I do like his gun, it looks better then the first movie.

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Lets hope this actually turns cool and not boring like I am expecting.

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Now that's a badass poster.

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I don't have very high expectations for this movie, but I'll definitely check it out. Hopefully it turns out pretty good.

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@jwalser3: I liked the first two Robocop movies, but not really because I consider them great movies or anything. I find them humorous. My issue is that Robocop always came off as being so fragile and weak. In every single movie he gets completely dominated and/or destroyed by his enemies. He's easily tricked. He's slow to catch on. They just never did a good job of making Robocop look like the super cop he was intended to be. I'd like to see the remake create him as a little more dangerous, if not darker character. We'll see though.

As for Dredd, I'm actually interested in the plot they've gone with. I was really excited when both Karl Urban and Lena Heady were cast - especially Lena as the villain. After her work in Game of Thrones ... well, it's hard to take her seriously as a hero. I was hesitant of Olivia Thirlby when they first cast her as Cassandra Anderson but after seeing some trailers and shots, I'm actually really digging the look. The armor/weapons aren't as over the top as Stallone's Dredd movie but they were aiming for a far more realistic or serious mood than the 90's action/comedy look in the original. I always found it funny that years after the Stallone Judge Dredd, Stallone said that he'd wish they'd gone with less comedy and more of a dark/gritty take. I agreed with him then and I agree with the direction they've taken Dredd now. If anything, Dredd is a pretty serious individual. Not a funny one.

Haven't seen the Total Recall remake. I'll probably catch it on Blu-Ray in a few months. Has pretty bad reviews so far. Dredd's the only movie I have on my theater radar right now.

#21 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2268 posts) - - Show Bio

Very excited

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I'm sure all 12 Dredd fans are very excited.

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@M-Demon: Robocop didn't have to work, he was a gimick, something to takes peoples minds of the problems of the City. a feel good piece, this is what OCP has done for you.

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Some of the super early reviews were surprisingly positive. I think Im going to have to go see it.

But screw 3D.

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@wowylied said:

Remind me of the Dardevil the movie poster.

I thought the same thing.

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@Watcherg6: Oh, you're right. And he didn't work! That's the point. Hunk a junk on the street getting blasted by villainous kids. That's why I never could take the movies too seriously. They are fun to watch but a remake could turn Robocop into a pretty deadly machine.

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Screw 3-D.

Still looking forwards to this.

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@kennyshat: Being a Dredd fan, I've been both excited and nervous for this film, and ya I was surprised to by some of the early postive review as well. I believe IGN gave it an 8 outta 10.

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Not really a DD homage pose but I do see the similarity. I like this actually!

#30 Posted by xanthiss (179 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man said:


Maybe Dredd won't suck like Daredevil.

#31 Posted by rawr (92 posts) - - Show Bio

3D makes my eyes hurt but the trailer was fun and Lena Headey makes a great bad guy. More so than she ever made a Sarah Connor. Would it be bad form if I went into this film rooting for Ma-Ma?

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@xanthiss said:

@G-Man said:


Maybe Dredd won't suck like Daredevil.

Oh no....'getting a bad feeling from this movie's - shall we say - "inspiration"...

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Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! That's what I think of Judge Dredd. And don't even get me started on Karl Urban!

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@RScottH08: io9 liked it too. All in all, I don't know much about Dredd at all. I saw the Stallone movie in high school once, but that was about it. There was always stuff about the comics that seemed rad, but I barely have dollars for all of the books that I'm reading now and I never went back and tried to hunt down old arcs or whatever. Plus, I didn't really know where to start.

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It looks better than the Stallone movie, let's face it, it couldn't be any worse.

Judge Dredd is an awesome character, lets hope this movie really does it justice

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If this Dredd makes it big, then I hope other 2000AD films get the greenlight.

I know Rogue Trooper is in talks for an adaptation (rumors mainly), but I'd kill for Nemesis the Warlock, Flesh or even the ABC Warriors.

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@kennyshat: If you ever do want to jump on with Dredd then I recommend checking out Case Files 2, 4, or 5 for more "standard" Dredd stories then there is the fantastic Judge Dredd: America.

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Looks like a awesome comic cover. Loving it

#39 Posted by ImFatBatman (72 posts) - - Show Bio

excited to go see this

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looking forward to it I'm hoping they'll have Anthrax's I am the Law played during the credits

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I still have little interest in this movie. As an avid fan of the character, these are my continued thoughts when I see the trailers and such:

  1. Dredd is the MOST FEARED JUDGE OF THEM ALL...and his big bad villain is a scar-faced chick at the top of a 200-floor building? Not trying to sound misogynist with that, but that doesn't sound like a massive threat.
  2. The trailer and premise looks like almost a straight rip from The Raid: Redemption. The only thing keeping me interested is that Alex Garland wrote the script, and that man is incredible.
  3. Since when is Dredd the type of character that would whisper "I am the law"?
  4. Mega City One for this movie is being described as a "metropolis". MCO is a MEGALOPOLIS! Why do the movies feel the need to make Mega City One seem like it's only a CITY in the most traditional sense? This is a city that covers THE ENTIRE EASTERN SEABOARD OF THE U.S. AND PARTS OF CANADA!
  5. The introduction of Judge Anderson is interesting, but I have my doubts that they will even get into how John Wagner created her...and Judge Death. I also doubt that they will get into the fact that Judge Anderson was one of the first Psi-Judges. If they can end up using her as a way to justify a Dredd vs. Death movie, though, I will buy a ticket. Day one. I'm just really hoping they don't play her off as some minor character, which she barely ever was. I mean, she had her own damn series!
  6. The drug in the movie is called "Slo-Mo"? REALLY?! What about Stookie? That's an actual drug in the comics, and it would've been a WAY more interesting thing to use. Oh, right...3D + Slo-Mo = 3D works better.

Seriously, all around, I'm just getting less and less interested in this movie. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll end up seeing it the minute it comes out because of my fascination with Dredd...

...and yet I still haven't seen The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. What the hell is wrong with me?!

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Read the script and enjoyed it very much. Look forward to it.

@jakob187 said:

I still have little interest in this movie. As an avid fan of the character, these are my continued thoughts when I see the trailers and such:

  1. Dredd is the MOST FEARED JUDGE OF THEM ALL...and his big bad villain is a scar-faced chick at the top of a 200-floor building? Not trying to sound misogynist with that, but that doesn't sound like a massive threat.
  2. The trailer and premise looks like almost a straight rip from The Raid: Redemption. The only thing keeping me intereste d is that Alex Garland wrote the script, and that man is incredible.


2. Yeah, it's an unfortunate comparison that's thrown around a lot considering Dredd started filming 4 months before The Raid: Redemption did. Still, it was released first and I'm sure the filmmakers of Dredd weren't too happy.

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