Dredd (2012) film Appreciation Thread

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It was absolutely awesome, just saw it yesterday at the dollar theater. Wish I would have gone and seen it in 3D if only to better support it. It says on wiki that the film hasn't even made back it's budget yet. I can't believe this. I'd really like to see another one but that's not going to happen if it doesn't sell well.

To anyone who hasn't gone and seen it, hurry up and do so before it's completely out of theaters. I'll probably even buy a copy on DVD JUST because I so want a sequel.

SO yeah, Dredd Rocked

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I really liked the movie. I actually have some Judge Dredd-related publications here at home before the movie was even announced, and I was surprised by it. The first trailer left some stuff to be desired and I don't think it did the movie justice at all. I'm more disappointed honestly though that this movie simply didn't pick up at the box office, especially considering it was received warmly by audiences and some critics, for the most part.

The movie was really crippled by poor marketing in the United States, Lionsgate didn't seem all that enthusiastic about it nor did the theaters carrying it. I think attaching "3D" at the end of it probably didn't help, either made people think it was a gimmick or just a re-release or remake of the Stallone flick. I think it also serves another point that trying to advertise the movie solely towards the comic crowd, especially for something as niche as Judge Dredd in the United States, hurt them. It hurt a little to see that Dredd was beat out by the latest resident evil, Dredd really did a better job in all departments but the viewers didn't help.

The reviewers in the United States weren't too warm towards it either compared to those in the UK, thinking Dredd either glorified violence/ police state (missing the point of Judge Dredd entirely!) or criticizing the minimal plot. I don't think they affected the decision of movie goers but it certainly didn't help.

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