Dredd 2 - What We Want to See

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Dredd 3D is a fine example of a reboot done well.  For the most part, new and old fans fell in love with the fresh take on the iconic character as we dove into his depressing and violent world.  Unfortunately, it turns out that a rather lackluster amount people went to see the film opening weekend.  Debuting in 6th place and raking in only 6 million dollars in the US, the cinematic future of The Dead Man is uncertain.   
But don't fret, there's still some hope for a sequel!  There's a shot we'll see more of Mega-City One if word of mouth boosts national sales, international audiences give it more support and if blu-ray/DVD sales excel.  If we do get another installment of this new franchise, here's a few things I'd love to see in the follow-up.  
Beware, there's spoilers for Dredd 3D below.  Proceed with caution. 

Dig deeper into Dredd

What are you doing during your downtime, Dredd?      
Karl Urban absolutely rocked the role.  His portrayal of Dredd was simply stellar as he confidently plowed through Peach Trees and muttered one-liners that made us grin from ear to ear.  Dredd 3D made it abundantly clear that this Judge wouldn't let sympathy get in the way of delivering the law.  He plays it by the books and appears to have no remorse in his actions.  But there's more to the man than a recognizable helmet and permanent frown.   
As rookie Judge Anderson pointed out, there's something deeper with the character, but we never truly had another opportunity to explore what's going on in Dredd's mind.  He is intentionally kept at an emotional distance from the viewer and it's pulled off well.  Anderson is our emotional connection as we observe the anti-hero's almost robotic ways.  However, given a sequel, I'd love to see the film dive into his brain.  What is it about him that makes him so committed to the law?  Does he have any internal gripes with the system?  There's a lot about this movie version of Dredd that we have yet to see.    

More Slo-Mo 

Please, sir, I want some more! 
Drugs are bad.  Don't do them.  But when it comes to Slo-Mo, I hope bad guys are addicted to the drug in the next movie.  Not only was the use of slow motion used in a superbly trippy manner at times, but it was also a factor in a jaw-dropping shootout.  Seeing a bullet rip through a man's cheek or a stomach ripple from a shock wave in slow motion is very vivid.  It needs to be used wisely, though.  Too much will take away its appeal and render less powerful scenes tiresome.  Hopefully, it will be limited to shocking action sequences and sensational visual delights.

More of Mega-City One

Be our tour guide, Dredd.          
Dredd 3D only scratched the surface of Mega-City One.  We were given assorted tidbits of how bleak the sprawling city is.  The crime statistics were staggering, and if my memory is correct, Dredd said they can only address a trivial 6% of crimes reported in the urban environment.  The drones provided a map with red dots representing crime and the chart was infected with red.  
Trapped within the confines of this city, it seems as though a large percentage of humanity has reached a low point as a fascist power takes charge.  There's clear-cut villains like Ma-Ma who have become terrible people and easily labelled, but this harsh environment has surely created more complex matters.  For example, "villains" fighting for more freedom from the Justice Department. 

An adversary to challenge Dredd physically 

Best Slo-Mo death ever.           
Ma-Ma was a solid antagonist for the first movie.  She's a detailed look at what Mega-City One's brutal lifestyle can produce.  At the end of the day though, Ma-Ma isn't a physical threat to Dredd and required a back-up plan when the two came face-to-face.  You see, I'm a sucker for a good fight, and I think it's fair to believe many of you are as well.  So next time around when Dredd confronts the main villain, I'd appreciate nothing more than a good old-fashioned brawl and/or shootout.  A dose of Slo-Mo to top off the killing shot would be an excellent addition again, too.   
But enough about what I'd like to see... what about you? 
Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment.  He never betrayed the lawwww.
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sadly as Dredd has bombed big time in the US (even thought it topped the Box Office in the UK) I don't think we will be seeing a Dredd 2

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

sadly as Dredd has bombed big time in the US (even thought it topped the Box Office in the UK) I don't think we will be seeing a Dredd 2

Well this sucks.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Yup, it was a terrible opening weekend (only 6 million and 6th place).  But, it's still fun to speculate and hope for the best.
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Yeah, the odds of this getting a sequel (unless it stays in theaters for a really long time and word of mouth makes it profitable) are kind of nonexistent.

For me, the slo-mo sequences were cool, but only because they were used so sparingly. I think that in a sequel it would become a little tedious (kind of like the working out the fight before hand stuff in the second Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie). I'm definitely interested in seeing more of Dredd's past or motivations. Seeing more of Anderson now that she's a judge would be cool too. More of Mega City One as a whole would be rad, but part of Dredd's focus on one area was the result of it's modest budget. Doing more stuff in the city would require a higher budget than a Dredd sequel would ever get, even if it doesn't end up getting one.

#5 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36138 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n said:

@Jonny_Anonymous: Yup, it was a terrible opening weekend (only 6 million and 6th place). But, it's still fun to speculate and hope for the best.

I don't understand how it could have been such a bad opening, it did great in the UK and it's had nothing but good reviews

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This movie was great! Makes me wanna get into the comics. I've heard IDW is coming out with a new Dredd comic this November. Hopefully that will be a good jumping on point.
#7 Posted by Matchstick (565 posts) - - Show Bio

I think word of mouth will spread and it will do better, it just has to shake off the reputation of that horrible Stallone movie.

I think we'll see a sequel. It's budget was only 45 million so after the theatrical run and the Dvd sales it shouldn't have any trouble making a decent profit.

#8 Posted by dvorak (187 posts) - - Show Bio

It is so extremely unlikely that this movie will get a sequel. The only chance it could ever have would be if the international markets held up.

#9 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36138 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dark_Guyver: It sure is and they are reprinting old 2000AD storys

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@k4tzm4n said:

@Jonny_Anonymous: Yup, it was a terrible opening weekend (only 6 million and 6th place). But, it's still fun to speculate and hope for the best.

I don't understand how it could have been such a bad opening, it did great in the UK and it's had nothing but good reviews

I don't know, man.  I suppose marketing could partially be to blame.  It's a shame, though. 
@Dark_Guyver said:

This movie was great! Makes me wanna get into the comics. I've heard IDW is coming out with a new Dredd comic this November. Hopefully that will be a good jumping on point.
Yup, the IDW comic will be a reboot.  It should be a great jumping on point! 
@Matchstick said:

I think word of mouth will spread and it will do better, it just has to shake off the reputation of that horrible Stallone movie.

I think we'll see a sequel. It's budget was only 45 million so after the theatrical run and the Dvd sales it shouldn't have any trouble making a decent profit.

I certainly hope so!
#11 Posted by SavageDragon (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

To be honest I do not know much about the Judege Dredd comics but this movie (which I loved) really makes me want to dive in. There is a black and white omnibus I have seen, has anyone read those issues?

#12 Edited by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2388 posts) - - Show Bio

The *possible* sequel better have a true balls to the wall Angel Gang, Dark Judges and/or reference to the REAL ABC Warriors (not Hammerstein's brain dead clone Fido in the 90's cheese fest.) Make it happen please!!

#13 Posted by k4tzm4n (35187 posts) - - Show Bio
@SavageDragon said:

To be honest I do not know much about the Judege Dredd comics but this movie (which I loved) really makes me want to dive in. There is a black and white omnibus I have seen, has anyone read those issues?

I'm in the exact same boat as you, sir.  Never really checked out the comics and only saw the Stallone movie once -- and that was more than enough based on what I remember.  Thankfully, IDW is coming out with a reboot soon and Dredd collections are currently being released.  I plan on checking out the latter if/when I have spare cash.
#14 Posted by Matchstick (565 posts) - - Show Bio

@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

The *possible* sequel better have a true balls to the wall Angel Gang, Dark Judges and/or reference to the REAL ABC Warriors (not Hammerstein's brain dead clone Fido in the 90's cheese fest.) Make it happen please!!

My god that would be FANTASTIC!!!

#15 Posted by johnkmccubbin91 (3487 posts) - - Show Bio

It's speculated by people involved with the film that it might be the start of a trilogy with the second film going into the origins of Dredd and the third film introducing Judge Death

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  • More baout Dredd's origins
  • More characters from the comics
  • Possibly a Stallone cameo (maybe Dredd could kill a drunk dude that goes around killing people yelling "ADRIAAAAN!!!!")
#17 Posted by lifeboy (1675 posts) - - Show Bio

yes, yes , yes k4tzm4n!! u read my mind about a 2nd dredd! hopefully soon and on the same week as resident evil for a double feature:) [just like this last one]

#18 Edited by k4tzm4n (35187 posts) - - Show Bio
@lifeboy: I'm somewhat ashamed to say I still haven't checked out the latest Resident Evil!  I have one free ticket to my local theater so I might see it later this week.
#19 Posted by lifeboy (1675 posts) - - Show Bio

you missed out on the elegants of seeing two scifi movies back to back k4tzm4n.

#20 Posted by Red Rum (357 posts) - - Show Bio

Judge Death? Maybe bring back Judge Death, but rework his origins to be rid of the supernatural elements. A psychopath who steals a Judge uniform and starts framing them for wanton murder of innocents to keep them off his back. He could use extreme body modification to look like a skeletal demon under his purloined uni and still have that twisted illogical mindset where, since only the living commit crimes, life is the greatest crime of all ("The Crime is Life and the Sentence is Death!"). Perhaps also recruit followers, based on the other Dark Judges, into a cult that intends on committing suicide after everyone else is dead by their hands.

If not, how about visiting other Mega Cities from across the planet (especially the Russian one) and exploring their relationships with MC1?

#21 Posted by lifeboy (1675 posts) - - Show Bio

Spoiler Alert!!!

i was also captured by thr ma-ma / dredd confrontation. she was no match for dredd, but seeing her weak and powerless hurt me on an emotional level so much that i cared for her. it was a powerful scene. and showing her falling is beyond words to describe for me. Loved it, Loved it!!

#22 Posted by Inverno (13351 posts) - - Show Bio

Its remarkable how people want a sequel so bad when this movie is under performing on the box office. Blame Jennifer Lawrence for it :P

#23 Posted by GothamRed (2554 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jonny_Anonymous: To be fair that's probably due to a lot of people associating it with the '95 movie, dredd being a lesser known comic book character, people's dislike of things labled as "remakes", and the trailer didn't help much either. They're unfair reasons, but people are just like that.

#24 Posted by carnivalofsins00 (925 posts) - - Show Bio

I hiiiiigjly doubt they're very eager to make a sequel.

#25 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2235 posts) - - Show Bio

That totally sucks, is it for sure that they are not going to have a sequel because I think this is one of the best super hero movies of the past year by far.

#26 Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (5469 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved it an I'm going to see it again. I highly recommend checking it out. You won't be disappointed. They are also collecting Judge Dredd issues in black and white for reasonable prices. They have Judge Dredd Case File 1-5 on amazon.com. Check them out!

#27 Posted by jinxuandi (595 posts) - - Show Bio

I disagree with the premise of this article. This film did not leave me wanting more; it was one of the better movies I've seen this year and it's a shame that the R rating is keeping people away. That said, I'm glad they kept the gore in because it would not have been as good of a movie without it.

Sometimes good movies don't get sequels, and it's extremely unlikely this one will, unless it does really well in DVD and PPV sales. It's unfortunate, but that's the film industry.

#28 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Judge Death, maybe even Judge Cal and others would be great to see be physical challenges to Dredd. Plus like the old Stallone movie, I'd like to see more involved with the Cursed Earth, and maybe even include something involving Mega City 2 or even Texas City. That would be awesome!

But sadly with the dismally disappointing numbers we saw at the box office (came in 6th, under RE: Retribution :/) I doubt we are going to see a sequel. Its budget was forty five million and it hasn't even made 7 million in ticket sales yet at this point, so its not even gained back a FIFTH of its budget yet and its only 6th place in theatres? Nah...this unfortunately is something that is dead in the water I'm sad to say...but I am willing to be proven wrong...

#29 Posted by Moviefan4 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

There may still be a sequel; it's not unprecedented for a box office failure to spawn a franchise. Anyone remember highlander. The key will be overseas success which is possible since it debuted at no 1 in Britain and the character is popular in Europe. Also there could be profitable sales in home video. Yeah the us box office is weak, but the filmmakers knew Dredd was going to be a niche product. Building the fan support thru subsequent weeks and home video could build real enthusiasm for a sequel in a few years. Besides more and more people are just passing on seeing movies in theaters with ticket prices being so high.

#30 Posted by acomicbooklook (64 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved this film, it's exactly what I wanted to see. I can't believe the did such a good job, I would love to see more exploration into mega city one, and beyond the wall. It really sucks that people are not going to this Film. On my weekly TV Show on Comic Books we reviewed the film, here is the whole review:


#31 Posted by HistoryInRust (6 posts) - - Show Bio

@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Alex Garland (the film's screenwriter) said he'd originally wanted to do the Dark Judges story to begin with, but knew it wouldn't work unless they could establish the tone and atmosphere of Mega City One and the responsibility of the Judges themselves.

#32 Posted by Novemberx2 (492 posts) - - Show Bio

Less Slow Mo!

More Emotion or personality from Dredd.

No silly Judge v Judge fights, i had no idea who was who in those due the hats.

explore the role of judges more, i had no sympathy for judges or gangs in the film because they were both as bad as each other.

#33 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36138 posts) - - Show Bio
@GothamRed yea but youd tgink all the good reviews would counter that, I know the UK is his home country but it topped the box office there
#34 Posted by PATTX (60 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't seen this and when i tried to read an issue of 2000 AD i didn't finish it coz it was boring but i like Dredd's character and wish him the best especially for future movies. The second should be longer because 95 mins isn't enough, with more characters from comics, easter eggs,cameos and all the tiny details that make it more interesting. The sequel should focus on how he thinks, origins, family, friendships and the outer world (Cursed Earth) more Mega City One and more Sci-Fi.....

#35 Posted by Herx (372 posts) - - Show Bio

Well having watched it here in the UK twice i can absolutly tell you that i, and the entire cinema audiance loved it and world of moth passed out its prais around here like wildfire. As for the us ratings it only shows the gross ratings for the opening weekend and already the world of mouth is moving around so that might help it.

As for a Dredd 2, well according to the films creative team they said that if they had a sequil the second film would be based around the "deomocracy" storylines in the dredd comic like "America", showing more of Mega City one and more of it's Judge-authoritarian goverment (so pretty much pouring on the political satire thats known for in dredd). They said that if there were a 3rd film that it would involve Judge Death as over the coure of the maby-imaginary-trilogy they'd inject more and more of the paranormal/weird aspects of dredd in each installment.

#36 Posted by Sammo21 (700 posts) - - Show Bio

As badass and awesome as Dredd is I doubt we'll ever get a sequel.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Apocalypse War or something similar. They could easily make it a movie and it shows the other cities with plenty of action and Dredd character development. Insert Judge Anderson as a replacement for Hershey and use Hershey in the smaller role. They could also do a retconn maybe that the violence was so bad that it got the attention of the dark judges in the other dimension or something. Would also like to see more of Megacity-1 and see the inclusion of robots and stuff to everyday life.

A Dredd HBO or FX show would be pretty awesome.

#37 Posted by G_Money_Christmas (884 posts) - - Show Bio

You have to remember, though. I don't know the sales statistics or anything other than it bombed in the US, but it's not an American movie. It's made by British production companies, so if it did great in the UK and Europe, it has a better chance. Plus, it was a great movie and I think word of mouth will get sales up. You just have to think, the US isn't the only market here.

#38 Posted by Bernicky (379 posts) - - Show Bio

Give me Judge Death!

#39 Edited by nerdork (4039 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dark_Guyver: I sincerely hope you do pursue the new Judge Dredd series. If you want a more comprehensive, and affordable, look into Judge Dredd, before diving into his new storylines...i suggest you order 'Judge Dredd: Case Files vol. 1'. They are very well written stories, and the artwork is truly one of a kind. You will love Dredd's tenacity and his villains are extremely unique. And, if you find that you love it, and want a wider view of MC1, the series 'Low Life: Mega City Undercover' is a very intense look at the sub-culture of MC1's most poverty stricken people...and mutants. That focuses on the wild life of undercover Judges, and the compromises they have to make to solve a case, while trying to stay true to the law.

#40 Edited by markdienekes (9 posts) - - Show Bio

@RedheadedAtrocitus:That's just the North America Box Office though, - its made £4.5 million in the UK alone - and its not even been released in many places in Europe yet (but they will be soon) - it could do well in the European climate... it's also made 1 million in Brazil and Spain.

It's not looking good, but can make those numbers up outside Northern America. Fingers crossed - Dredd deserves more films - much rather watch them than new Batman ones (honestly, there's too many Batman films!)

All these Dredd is Dead and Dredd Bombs in the online news certainly won't help.

#41 Posted by nerdork (4039 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n: I completely agree with you; in that, a sequel would do itself, and the fans, a great service to implement a more in-depth look at the sub-cultures of Mega City 1. More specifically, the mutant sub-culture. With the introduction of Judge Anderson and her mutation that gives her psychic abilities, instead of an arm growing out of her butt, is a great segway into the more radical mutant villains and innocents. How awesome would it be for Judge Death to be a villain?

I'd also like for the sequel to implement the fact that Dredd is a clone of the greatest Judge in MC1 history, though, I fear Sly Stallone's '95 masterpiece-of-crap has already destroyed that possibility.

Thanks for the great articles on Judge Dredd lately. He's my favorite.

#42 Posted by Dark_Guyver (2435 posts) - - Show Bio
Thanks for the info nerdork, ill definitely have to check those out!
#43 Posted by Xanni15 (6758 posts) - - Show Bio

Excellent article, like always.

I agreed with most of what you said except the slo-mo part. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I just thought they used it too much and seeing so much of it sorta slowed the pace down a little bit.

Might be nit-picking but Dredd didn't fail Anderson so he isn't strictly by the book per se, else when she lost her primary weapon she would have flunked.

Also regarding Anderson, don't get me wrong I loved her character and her relationship (?) with Dredd, but I felt her character being a psychic kinda took a very small amount away from Dredd as a character. One of my favorite parts is near the end when Dredd and Anderson are blasting through Ma-Ma's forces COD style, killing dudes coming from around the corners, but in Dredd 2 we need more Dredd by himself.

More of Mega-City One would be awesome, I don't want to dig in too deep with Dredd, even if he is the main character. I liked him being robotic, unwavering in his commitment to the law even while knowing that it was hopeless. You start giving him layers and it might weaken his character. I don't mean to be cliched, but I never want to see Dredd get emotional.

Lastly, I believe it is how it is in the comics, but just to make sure, Dredd should never ever take off his helmet. NEVER EVER!

#44 Posted by The_Horrible_Truth (24 posts) - - Show Bio

@kennyshat:I've not seen it yet, but if this got made after the abortion that Stallone made of Dredd, then I don't see why not. There's enough Dredd mythos and History for a franchise with as much potential as Batman or X-Men, and these get churned out often enough.

#45 Posted by The_Horrible_Truth (24 posts) - - Show Bio

@Bernicky said:

Give me Judge Death!

Marlon Shakespeare. Chopper would make an epic Dredd 2, That story arc showed Dredd at his best, with other Judge Forces, Mutants, Surfy subculture, and Mucus the mutant Musk Ox. Dredd chases Chopper right around the World to the Australian RadBck, and ends up letting him go.

#46 Posted by kennybaese (1159 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Horrible_Truth: True, but those movies also make money. The reported budget for, say, The Dark Knight was $185,000,000. The movie made more than a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Dredd, on the other hand, had an estimated budget of $50,000,000, a modest amount of money with a comic book property. It only made about $30,000,000 of that back. That's why I find a Dredd sequel to be pretty unlikely. Not because the IP doesn't have the potential for a sequel, but because it would only loose Lionsgate or whoever even more money, especially given that a sequel would need probably need a bigger budget.

#47 Posted by The_Horrible_Truth (24 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, the figures aside, I think if there's a Dredd sequel, and the right story arc is decided upon, it could really benefit from taking the same kind of graphic form that Sin City did. If you look at all the other comic to film franchises, Batman, X-Men, Iron Man, any of them, although they are perfectly good films in their own right, what is there about them that says "comic book?" There's nothing really, except that they draw upon established plots and characters from stories that were originally comics, but apart from that, they use the same shooting and direction formulas as any other "Action Movie" uses.

Sin City stayed as close to the same "frame to frame" type graphically sequenced formula that has been working for this title from the start. And that's it's unique quality, that sets it apart from the others. It's still obviously "comic book". The palettes, the scene dressing, the CG sequences, the internal dialogue running throughout, they all make the film a refreshing and familiar experience for the.fan base that's already been built from the ground up by the comic. No other Movie I can think of has made the transition from book to film so well. It delivered, in the same way that the comic delivers. That's something that's not even considered in any other film. They reproduce whatever plotlines they like from original material, but that doesn't count for anything much when all those other fantastically successful elements are just tossed out.

Constantine, for instance could have been a far better film if it hadn't been called Constantine. Keanu played the given part as well as he plays anything else, the plotline was no worse than many much more successful Movies. It was shot well enough. But what it wasn't, was "John Constantine, HellBlazer". At the end of the day, any similarity between the two, was largely superfluous. All it did, was disappoint and let down the existing fanbase.

Judge Dredd has been consistently delivering the goods, as a comic book every week, for thirty five years. That formula is what should be worked with for the next Movie, and that formula is what will ultimately deliver Dredd to his audience in a way that only Sin City has done well. It's budget was US $40M, and it took US $158M. And There's no way that the new Sin City film is going to be straying far from that formula. And what it takes to make a Movie like that, is a Director who doesn't necessarily know shit about how to direct. Movies. It seems tthat a Comic Book writer, directing his own characters, in the same way he's been directing them in the comic book all along, is the correct motorcycle here. So that's how I'd like to see Dredd handled. Maybe John Wagner, and Alan Grant could direct. Or even Frank Miillar.

I'd like to see whole Movies being made, by the same winning teams that write, draw draw, and colour the comics. Imagine a Freak Angels Movie Directed by Warren and Paul. That could be so awesome. And who else could do it with the same vision?

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