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Cover: Cliff Robinson (Judge Dredd)

  • Judge Dredd - Crime of Passion (John Wagner - Cliff Robinson)
  • Devlin Waugh - Red Tide (part 12 - final part) (John Smith - Colin Macneil)
  • XTNCT (part 5) (Paul Cornell - D'Israeli)
  • Armitage - Apostasy in the UK (part 2) (Dave Stone - John Ridgway)
  • Judge Death - The Wilderness Days (part 5) (John Wagner - Frazer Irving)
  • Apocalypse Soon (part 10) (Alan Grant - Shaun Thomas)

2000ad Gold Supplement 013

  • Cover: Alan Davis (Harry Twenty on the High Rock)
  • Daily Star Dredd (John Wagner - Brett Ewins)
  • Harry Twenty on the High Rock (parts 16-21 - final parts) (reprint from 2000ad progs 302-307) (Gerry Finley-Day - Alan Davis)
  • Charley's War (parts 11-13) (reprint from Battle - originally published 17 March to 31 March 1979) (Pat Mills - Joe Colquhoun)

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