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Cover: John Higgins (Judge Dredd)

  • Judge Dredd - Monkey on my Back (part 1) (Garth Ennis - John Higgins)
  • Juliet November - Phoenix Falling (part 3 - final part) (Alan Grant - Graham Manley)
  • Sinister Dexter - Gag Reflex (single page strip) (Dan Abnett - Steve Roberts)
  • Thrill-Power Overload! The History of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic (part 14) (David Bishop)
  • Black Siddha - Bad Karma (part 3) (Pat Mills - Simon Davis)
  • Family (part 4) (Rob Williams - Simon Fraser)
  • Devlin Waugh - Red Tide (part 3) (John Smith - Colin Macneil)
  • The Interrogation Cube (subject 004) - John Smith (interview)
  • Apocalypse Soon (part 1) (Alan Grant - Shaun Thomas)

2000ad Gold Supplement 004

  • Cover: Glenn Fabry (Slaine)
  • Daily Star Dredd - 267 (John Wagner and Alan Grant - Ian Gibson)
  • Slaine - Time Killer (parts 8-10) (reprint from 2000ad progs 418-420) (Pat Mills - David Pugh and Glenn Fabry)
  • Hall of Heroes - Bill Savage (art: Mike Dorey)
  • Darkie's Mob (parts 8-12) (reprint from Battle - originally published 2 to 30 October 1976) (John Wagner - Mike Western)
  • Tharg's Future Shocks - Solo Flip (reprint from 2000ad prog 52) (Chris Lowder (writing as Jack Adrian) - Brian Bolland)

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