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Cover: Mike McMahon (Judge Dredd)

Contents page - Hall of Justice (art: Mike McMahon)

  • Judge Dredd - Anatomy of a Crime! (John Wagner - Mike McMahon)
  • Justice Department Data File - Otto Sump (art: Ron Smith)
  • The Judge Dredd Interview
  • Are You a Megamind? (quiz)
  • The Mean Machine - Goes to Town (Alan Grant - Robin Smith)
  • Superbad!! (article - The Angel Gang)
  • I am the Law (article - 2000ad in foreign languages)
  • Walter the Wobot - Fwiend of Dwedd (Gary Rice - S Kyte)
  • Judge Dredd - Judge Whitey (reprint from 2000ad prog 2) (Peter Harris, Pat Mills and Kelvin Gosnell - Mike McMahon)
  • The Mega Times (futurist newspaper articles)
  • Judge Dredd - The Vampire Effect (John Wagner - Mike McMahon)
  • Desperadoes of the Cursed Earth (illustrated text story) (Chris Lowder (using the pseudonym 'Jack Adrian') - Dave Gibbons)
  • The Judge Child Journey (article)
  • Easy Riders (article - motorcycle movies)
  • Max Normal the Pinstripe Freak! (he's Dredd's Informer) (Kelvin Gosnell- Jose Casanovas)
  • Hall of Infamy (article - Dredd's enemies)
  • Justice Department Data File - Judge Hershey (art: Brian Bolland)
  • Judge Dredd - Brotherhood of Darkness (reprint from 2000ad prog 4) (Malcolm Shaw - Mike McMahon)
  • Lawmaster Road Test! (article)
  • Ode to Dredd (poem)
  • Justice Department Data File - Max Normal
  • Judge Dredd - Mega-City Rumble (John Wagner - Mike McMahon)

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