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An impending psychic apocalypse, mutant vampires, an alien threat on’s enough to make a seasoned PSI Judge disillusioned with the job. From the streets of Mega-City One to the outer fringes of the galaxy – wherever she goes, Cassandra Anderson is sure to find trouble!

Collects the stories:

  • Shamballa (2000AD progs 700-711)
  • Blythe Spirit (Judge Dredd Megazine 2.08)
  • Reasons to be Cheerful (Judge Dredd Megazines 2.10-2.11)
  • The Witch Report (Judge Dredd Megazine 2.14)
  • The Jesus Syndrome (Judge Dredd Megazines 2.22-2.24)
  • Childhood's End (Judge Dredd Megazines 2.27-2.34)
  • The Voyage Seeker (Judge Dredd Megazine poster story 2.37)
  • Postcards from the Edge (Judge Dredd Megazines 2.50-2.60)
  • Postcard to Myself ( Judge Dredd Megazine 2.73)
  • The Mind of Edward Bottlebum (Judge Dredd Annual 1985)
  • Fistful of Denimite (Judge Dredd Annual 1986)
  • Golem (2000AD Annual 1987)
  • A Soldier's Tale (Judge Dredd Annual 1988)

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