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Cassandra Anderson is a member of Psi-Division, the psychic section of the justice Department. A precognitive telepath and empath, she can detect crimes before they are committed!

Contains the stories:

  • Four Dark Judges from 2000AD progs 416-427
  • The Possessed from 2000AD progs 468-478
  • Hour of the Wolf from 2000AD progs 520-531
  • Contact from 2000AD progs 607-609
  • Beyond the Void from 2000AD progs 612-613
  • Helios from 2000AD progs 614-622
  • Judge Corey: Leviathan's Farewell (from 2000ad Sci-Fi Special 1988)
  • Triad from 2000AD progs 635-644
  • The Prophet from 2000AD progs 645-647
  • The Random Man from 2000AD progs 657-659
  • The Screaming Skull from 2000AD progs 669-670
  • Engram from 2000AD progs 712-717 758-763
  • The Haunting from 2000AD Annual 1984

Four Dark Judges, The Possessed and Hour of the Wolf were previously published in another collection.

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