WHy do so many people hate her?

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I dont dislike Jubilee, quite the opposite actually. I think hse can be a good character at times.

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Some people hate the dated late 80s early 90s mallrat nature of her character. Some hate that she lost her fireworks powers. Some hate that she became a vampire. Some hate that she's adopted a child a become a mother now. All are opinions. Most are based on ill-informed ignorance to her character.

Jubilee had lost her teenie-bopper valley girl mentality well before her time on Generation X, however thanks to the 90s cartoon that's how most will forever see her. Others don't realize when she lost her powers, she found herself and finally grew up and became an adult. Most people hate the vampire bit thanks to Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries having ruined the perception of vampires during that time, even though that story was pretty well written. Lastly, most people forget that Jubilee is herself an orphan, taken in by the X-Men (particularly Wolverine) and raised. Jubilee adopting an orphaned baby herself makes conplete sense.

It's stupid really. If you ask me, losing her powers, becoming a upper-class vampire, and adopting a baby are all things that have made me like her more than I previously did.

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I'd like to know to. I'm not really a fan but I don't understand the strong distaste for her. I will say it is a small group though. I think the majority are like me care free about her.

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Hate? Nah. Care about? Nope.

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She's gone through many changes. Not everyone likes those changes. Personally, i still like her.

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I love her.

Those who detest the character just sound loud -- like most detractors of any character. She's doing great in the new X-Men title.

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I don't hate her but I don't care anymore for her.I really liked her in the 90's animated show and in the comic boooks after that but since she became a vampire I just stopped caring for her.

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Because twilight

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Lack of vision.

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She was supposed to be the "New Kitty Pryde" and she is no Kitty Pryde, more like a character from save by the bell..... Then the whole Twilight is hot right now come back they tried to give her......

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@judasnixon: Personally I tend to think of Jubilee as the anti Kitty Prude.

And I'm not a fan of where her character has gone. Lost powers. Vampire. Now chucking a baby into her arms? Ugh! Also, most people assume her powers are "fireworks" when they really aren't..I blame the 90s cartoon.

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The was supposed to be the "New Kitty Pryde" and she is no Kitty Pryde, more like a character from save by the bell..... Then the whole Twilight is hot right now come back they tried to give her......

Pretty much took the place of Kitty Pryde and did a very bad job at that.

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I hate her silly outfit that she had in the 90s. Supposedly they tried to change it when everyone got new costumes when adjectiveless X-Men came out but due to the popularity of the cartoon they quickly switched back. The yellow jacket and shades are ok but they looked awful with her stupid jean shorts and pink shirt. Her outfit was a direct rip off of Robin because she was supposed to be Wolverine's sidekick for a time in his solo series. I like how she is now though. Original powers or vampire powers, it doesn't bother me either way. I'd say she's one of my top 10 favorite X-Men.

Kitty Pryde sucks btw.

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Asian sister can't get no love

I like her 'fireworks' plasmoid powerset and flat chest, now its just big tittied vampy bullcrap

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Possibly because of the 90's cartoon.

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@strongarm said:

Asian sister can't get no love

I like her 'fireworks' plasmoid powerset and flat chest, now its just big tittied vampy bullcrap

To be fair, by superhero comic book standards she's not overly voluptuous. However, I agree that her bust does fluctuate depending on the artist, and needlessly so.

As for fireworks, I'm not crazy about her being another "teen vamp" character but if that's what keeps her popular, fine. I'm not sure she should go back to the fireworks anyway, seeing as it's a little too on-the-nose for the Chinese-American x-man to get "fireworks" as a superpower. But maybe plasma-based powers with a new twist could be cool.

Honestly, I'm just happy to get more Jubilee, and that she's back to being the up-beat, anti-sulk member of the team. Loving Shogo too.

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I've actually started to like her a lot since Wood's book started.

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When I first started reading X-men comics in 92' I was introduced to Jubilee in the pages of the current books at the time (X-Men and The Uncanny X-Men) and Kitty Pryde simultaneously thanks to the reprint book X-Men Classic. By the time I understood the character dynamics of both eras, and saw how Jubilee was in some ways taking the role that had been Kitty's (as Wolverine's protege and the point-of-view, youngest member of the team), I had decided that I thought Kitty was way cooler and disliked Jubilee by comparison.

That said, between the few years from when I started to when X-men Classic ended, mid '95 or so, Jubilee's character had gone through a lot of growth and had started to be more than the stereotype of the character that had been propagated through X-Men: The Animated Series, culminating in her role in Generation X where she would go on to see even greater character development in a role that was more truly her own.

By that point, there just didn't seem to be any real basis of comparison between her and any other character and that's when I started to really appreciate her on her own merits. While I haven't been a fan of every story she's been in, her character has been through a lot, from the murder of her parents, surviving on the streets, being a captive of Genosha and of Bastion, seeing her classmates killed by humans, losing her powers in the decimation -she's like a tragic X-kids' greatest hits.

I know some fans aren't fans of her losing her powers or becoming a vampire, but I was never a fan of her because of her powers to begin with, so I actually like her vampire powers better; it gives her another aspect that makes her distinct among the X-men. And more importantly, both of those things had an effect on the development of her character, which I do like.

Honestly, after all this time, she's one of the X-men that now interests me most because of how she's changed.

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