Who thinks she's similar to Robin?

#1 Posted by Jakesully1981 (362 posts) - - Show Bio

I mean they became lovers in DC vs.Marvel and who thinks they are alike in some ways?

#2 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1021 posts) - - Show Bio

Her and Damian are both annoying.

#3 Posted by Teerack (9738 posts) - - Show Bio

No one.

#4 Posted by longbowhunter (8846 posts) - - Show Bio

I've heard she was inspired by Robin. Yellow cape swapped out for a yellow coat.

#5 Edited by lykopis (10868 posts) - - Show Bio

In that Wolverine is Batman, and Jubilee is Robin and that there is a string of young teenagers who fill in the role as sidekick to the popular, morose guy? Like that?

Nope. Can't see it.

#6 Posted by jhazzroucher (19491 posts) - - Show Bio

they're not

#7 Posted by Jakesully1981 (362 posts) - - Show Bio

Who else thought it was cute when they fell in love? Robin knew he wouldn't hit a girl for Robin vs. Jubilee

#8 Posted by Dernman (17783 posts) - - Show Bio

Not even a little.

#9 Posted by Jessica_Majestic (12 posts) - - Show Bio

@Teerack said:

No one.

I giggled.

#10 Posted by budonkadonk (69 posts) - - Show Bio

Of course, I mean her outfit was even Green, Red, and Yellow when she debuted.

Also, didn't they fall in love in some crossover, as well?

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