Where to put Jubilee now?

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With the character up in the air and multiple writers having asked permission to use her (and being denied), we left wondering what plans Marvel has for our spunky little gal. Was she cured/repowered by the Phoenix Force (it is the ultimate force of Destruction and Rebirth, after all)? Is she still rocking the Vampire curse? Is she busting out her New Warriors tech she was allowed to keep and making a return as Wondra?

Jubilee has proven unreliable in the way of supporting her own title, but as part of an ensemble cast she does quite well. So... where does she fit in now?

Which book would you like to see Jubilee added to the cast of? X-Men, as a normal team member again? Wolverine & the X-Men, helping Wolvie at the school? Uncanny X-Men, joining up with Cyclops to buck the system? X-Force, with a Black Ops Jubilee (great for Vampire Jubes). Young Avengers? FF? Thunderbolts new non-villain line-up?

I'm curious to hear ideas for where you believe she'd best fit in. With the yellow coat and shades, our girl is ready for rain or shine. Let's see what Marvel can do with her next.

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Wolverine and the X-Men

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i think she is going to be the joke of being in several team ups just like Wolvarine, spiderman and... I can make a list couldn't I. She is going to need a secretary.

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So i hope you guys know that she's BACK now, right ?

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She's in XX

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