Should Jubilee return to X-Men with her powers back or as Wondra?

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Jubilee is one of the most interesting characters among the x-men roster. Somebody whom we can relate actually and she's the one who could understand Wolverine. I still think she's more interesting than Shadowcat. So what if she comes back? Should she come back to the x-men family as Jubilee with powers or as Wondra only? Do you want her to get back to x-men?

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I want her to be Wondra

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@Love said:
"I want her to be Wondra "
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She should be Wondra  but join the Avengers academy instead

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Careful.  This is turning into  Wondra? Or Jubilee?  Try and keep the topic separate, or I'm afraid we'll have to close the thread for being a duplicate.

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i want her to come back
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im for Wondra, or at least depowered. i think i explained it in the thread linked above.
i also however dont want her in the X-men. maybe X-Factor at best. one of the downsides of having
her there vs when she was in NW was she was consistently played down to " in danger never aging Wolverine sidekick " whereas in NW as Wondra she actually grew into not only a strong character, but even a leader. i want her to retain that, and not backslide to what she was (being defacto Classic Kitty Pryde, Armor has now taken that spot). more over id rather see her join another non-X team. someone brought up the idea of revisiting Loners, now having her there would be cool for starters.

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 I want to see Jubilee re-join the X-Men with her Wondra powers/tech till she gets her mutant powers back (which will hopefully happen soon).. 
#9 Posted by crimsonspider89 (815 posts) - - Show Bio

I want Jubilee to rejoin the X-Men with her powers but with the Wondra attitude. Imagine how badass she would be. 

#10 Posted by Lupine (752 posts) - - Show Bio
@crimsonspider89 said:
" I want Jubilee to rejoin the X-Men with her powers but with the Wondra attitude. Imagine how badass she would be.  "
Agreed. Nation X #2 did a good job of that actually.  That's the Jubilee I want to see in an X-book. Of course repowered. lol.
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Yeah I agree as well, I want Jubes with the old powers, the new attitude and a cross in the two costumes, something....cooler lol

#12 Posted by BlackestShite (248 posts) - - Show Bio

She's a Vampire and Blade joined the Xmen

#13 Posted by geminicomplex (36 posts) - - Show Bio
@BlackestShite said:
" She's a Vampire and Blade joined the Xmen  NO JOKE "
The story line hasn't happened yet, so there's no way to know what has happened. What has actually been said is that the X-Men will fall more into the hero feel and will have assists from other non X characters
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Wondra with her powers back.

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I liked Jubilee during the early 90's as wolverine's sidekick, but you actually saw the results of her time with him and the other x men when she took the leadership role as Wondra. She was assertive powerful and a presence in her own right. Wondra" showed Jubilation Lee's maturity and experience and Jubilee showed her raw power and humanity that even emma can respect.  
Give Jubilee back the her powers, a modified wondra armor (so she can use her powers inside of the armor), and the wondra mentality and you're set. "Wondralee" (bat pun I know) could give wolverine a nuch needed breather in combat, support in heavy combat because she knows how he fights, or take the lead in a team because of her experience with the new warriors.  
Jubilee has had the potential to be a leading lady in the X men for years, let her use all of her experience, power, and resources  to be one. Also her experiences (as wondra) of how she was treated as a depowered "flatscan" by other mutants would definately influence how she interacts the X men (and mutants in general).   
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I want to see her back with the x-men :]

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Always hated Jubilee.  She should be just kicked to the curb and forgotten.
#18 Posted by _Sojourn_ (19699 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder If I should flag the comment above as spam.

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Jubes needs to come back as her original spunky self. None of this "Wondra" ish. The whole "New Warriors" took a whole lot of mutants I liked and just f***ed them up! I just want everyone to have their powers back! (well, almost everyone)  

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