She returns...Then what...?

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It is already known that Jubes returns...But what happens after that...What do you see in her future...Will she return to the X men, Start the New Warriors over again, or just try to live a normal life... 
As for that being said, Will her powers be as powerful as they were before MDAY or will they be increased or diminished.  
I have to say, Jubille is my second favorite female character after Storm, and I'd hate to see her just come back and not do anything...That's been a problem with MARVEL, having so many characters that they let them fall by the wayside...IDK what they will do with her, but my hopes are, that she comes back...and does the following.  

  • Rejoins the X-Men, but also works with her fellow New Warriors to bring the team back...It had potential.
  • Her powers are not exactly the same, and she has to learn how to use her new abilities in ways she could have never imagined (her new powers would be the same pyro/phototechnics, but they will be increased to massive explosion, and she would not be able to gauge the explosive potential in each blast)

Those are the two things I'd like to see...

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her powers? she doesnt have any, didnt get them back either. 
her "return" which actually wasnt really, it was just her saying hi, was in a
book about characters that really never get any focus time, like Martha for
instance, and it was done via fan requests.  

i dont think theres going to be a large focus on her, at least not for awhile.
the focus is going to be Kitty Prydes return, plus they have Hope to focus on
among other characters right now.

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Once the whole focus on Kitty and Hope are over, i'm pretty sure they'll do something with Jubilee.

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Kitty put Jubilee on the back burner a long time ago....

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Kitty hasn't done much of anything since they brought her back. She is always reduced to being placed in that damn machine she's in (see Mutant Massacre, Phalanx Covenant and now).
I think Jubes could stand to be a mentor to the new X-Men. I don't think she should be an instructor, but she could lead a team of younger mutants a lil similar to Cannonball has his own squad. I am not quite sure if she should get any powers back, since she's pretty effective without them.

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Well, now she going to be a vampire because Marvel wants to jump on the vampire bandwagon.

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