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What do you think? Has the outcome of the A vs. X story arc turned Jubilee back into a mutant?

If so, that would make her a mutant vampire, which is pretty cool. I never liked her becoming a vampire, but having her as a repowered mutant with vampire powers would generate some pretty cool stories and character moments. She has an unique set of powers, and she's in a interesting position right now. As a mutant and a vampire, she's basically in a minority within a minority, and a freak among freaks. She'd be a kickass addition to any team, and there's just so much story potential in her.

I just wish someone at Marvel became interested in her again. She's too cool to remain in character limbo.

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That is a really good idea, that I hope Marvel takes advantage of.

There are actually several people at Marvel that want to use Jubilee... the current writer of 'X-Men,' who used to write Generation X, stated that he wanted to use Jubilee, but Marvel didn't let him. Victor Gischler, the guy who wrote 'X-Men,' when she turned into a vampire is in a similar situation. Also, Marjorie Liu has asked Marvel if she could use Jubilee in either 'Astonishing X-Men,' or else a solo ongoing series for Jubilee... Marvel replied to her that Jubilee is currently 'unavailable for use.'

I feel that it is total bs crap, unless there are other plans for Marvel to use Jubilee that we haven't heard about yet. For them to deny writers that want to use her is just wrong to them as well as the fans.

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@Intensity: mysterious... I just hope that whatever Marvel has planned for her is something that will actually make her grow as a character. Definitely hate the fact that people still treat Jubes as a kid even after all the things she has had to go through

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I really hope all the depowered mutants get their powers back.

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@The_Peter_Cosmic: amen to that!

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