Off My Mind: Can The X-Men Save Jubilee?

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Remember, if Jubilee gets cured she goes back to being an ordinary person. I doubt even if they had a cure for her she would actually want it. At least now she has powers and is able to contribute to the X-Men in some way. I think if anything they will find a way for her to overcome her need to feed but leave her as a vampire.

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I think you guys are overreacting a little with saying entire Marvel is horrible.

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I hate what they done to Jubilee's character.  Just awful.

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maybe theyll have her & morbius meet up so he can help her deal w/ her new 'poewrs' 
just a thought
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She 'll return to her former self in the next retcon.

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expect a cop out in less than a year.

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Firstly, I don't know a single person who ever liked Jubilee. She's been a shameless pitch to younger readers since her creation, and I'd personally like to think that it didn't really work. 
Second, I hope she gets cured. As a vampire, she's even more annoying than ever. Maybe it's just me, but I can't take her seriously, at all, ever, but as of late it's become especially hard.
What do I think will happen? If she proves popular, they'll find a way to keep her around, or give her a series, or something. If she's disliked, it's bye-bye, Jubilee.

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I agree. I don't know anyone that liked her either.  I know I don't like her.  She was a replacement for Kitty.  She was just written to be annoying and they never had her grow up that I saw.   She's been annoying for years.  Maybe she'll be different now.  There is a difference between being annoying and being cocky.
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i think she should stay as a vamp until some miraculous power to change her, maybe she could have her mutant powers return somehow so she could return to duty with the x men in the future. she was a wiz at being wondra, maybe she could be the big tough character through robots or something like that. But I do wish though that writers at marvel don't screw with any more character(s) if it ain't broke don't touch it   just make juiced it up with a good story line.

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@Squares said:

" Firstly, I don't know a single person who ever liked Jubilee. She's been a shameless pitch to younger readers since her creation, and I'd personally like to think that it didn't really work.  Second, I hope she gets cured. As a vampire, she's even more annoying than ever.

Firstly, YOU'RE annoying, secondly, G-Man points out she was a favourite among fans, so you're STUPID. Now a viable argument is,.. the cartoon was originally (the pilot was) called "Pryde of the X-Men" featuring Shadowcat as a new recruit through whom the audience is introduced to the X-Men, it's roster and it's mission. which was later Jubilee's role in the cartoon. Dazzler had the same outfit and powers as well. In X-Men Evolution Shadowcat acts and speaks in typical "teenager" fashion which is reminescent of Jubilee, so (i understand these 2 examples of shadowcatand jubes is from cartoons, but not necesarilly Dazzler's) is Jubilee an original character or is she a copy of other characters like Dazzler or Kitty Pryde? Is she replacable? (NOT to me, jubilee as i was just thinking about TODAY, is ONE OF my favourite superheroes, not just X-Men but SUPERHEROES, because although she was a punk she learns throughout her storyline and has knocked out some pretty tough people with her "light show" ) I also think her purpose in some stories is to give a perspective, cos she's always in the middle of the action, but not really as effective as the stronger characters, (though not completely IN-effective either) just like a mortal reader would. She was also a key character in Generation X,...actually everyone else in that team seemed stronger, to ACTUALLY have powers,..
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If she's as popular as I believe, the writers will do everything they can to give her a quality story.  Otherwise, they're cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

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@waruikumo said:

" IT'S MARVEL!!!  expect a cop out in less than a year. "

 Killing a hero is supposed to be cool cos no one expects it and it will change a great deal and have readers hooked. When Superman died it was a big deal,...but there was a catch, he came back and everyone KNEW he came back. But when Nightcrawler died,'s comics so these people are probably gonna come back, like you said, but people were discussing if this death was in fact reversible. I think Jubilee too is one of these expendable characters to Marvel. Great entertainment they call it, but hey, no one lives forever, (unless they're wolverine, or Cyclops for that matter. But then again Jean Grey was pretty prominent and i dont see her ever anymore now)
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They can I think they can :)
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Just a thought at a very early morning hour. It would be interesting to see how Jubilee would interact with Illyana now, especially in limbo.
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Maybe who knows although maybe Jubes should hunt down Gaia to get fixed.

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Count Jubilee
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Jubilee should do some temporal/dimensional hopping around and find Abcissa. She could strike a deal to free Abcissa from an alternate Mojoverse in exchange for taking a sample of Abcissa's blood to create a cure for the vampirism.
Jubilee should return to normal, the change offering a good excuse to restore her powers. She doesn't have legions of fans but those of us that do love her are particularly devoted and very vocal. I buy 10 copies of any Marvel comic she appears in then give the spares away to friends.


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Jubilee is a favorite character of mine in the X-men,so when I found out she became a vampire,I was infuriated.First she lost her powers and then this?The reason I hate it is because the whole vampire crap has been overused in the last two years due to....*hiss*Twilight*.Now reading Curse of the mutant I was happy to know they brought back traditional vampires save for the technological advances,and the idea of different sects was good,but now I'm getting off point.Anyways,it seemed like Jubilee gave in to easily,then again it could just be because of the synthetic infections potency.I know for sure that they will turn her back eventually,and we all know that she is going to get her powers back,or at least this vampire.But it is good to know that even the most happy and peppiest characters can be turned towards the dark.In the new  Wolverine/Jubilee Mini series it's a role reversal,where Logan has to help Jubilee with her dark urges this time,and I feel that this will bring about both a better understanding and an even closer bond.If they do cure her,let us hope that she won't always be happy go lucky,because now that she has had these dark experiences as a vampire,they are sure to haunt her....that and the fact that she turned the closest person she had to a father into a vampire,that is sure to affect her later on in the future.
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How do you save someone from being a vampire? Techincally isn't she already dead? Isn't the only cure for it... death by stake or sunlight?
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 I actually enjoyed the storyline though I wish we had seen Jubilee take a more active role in things after issue 3. She kind of became a background character after that which was a bit discouraging considering I've been a long time fan of both Jubes and vampires (the kind that DON'T sparkle)    

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Haha, it looks like they finally solved the Jubilee weird aging problem... solits hint that she's going to remain a vampire permanently, which means she won't age no matter how much time goes by. ;)
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God I hope so...poor Jubes.

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