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So I was playing X-Men Legends One, and my line up was as follows. Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, and Jubilee...That's the team I use for everything in that game...I love each character, and all of them have a descent power set, except for Jubilee.
If you've forgotten what they are they are as follows.:

  • Legend Sparklers- At their highest level only deals about 20 % damage with each of the globule...But when each hits one target, does a pretty damage. But when faced with multiple opponents, not so much...
  • Legend Flash- Which stuns/converts enemies...but does no damage
  • PepRally- Gives a boost of speed to allies, and penalized enemies attacks...
  • Independence Day- Jubes shoots multiple energy globules in the air, and they come down on opponent. But, by the time you get this power active...All of your opponents can take this extreme attack and still live...It doesn't stun, it doesn't convert...nothing after the initial attack.
Now...WHen you look at them now...It seems like an okay deal...But When compared to everyone else on the roster, and on the X Men line up...Everyone is more powerful...NOt to mention her sucky melee skills. 
All of her powers except for one, are pretty much in line with her actual powers...but Still even her extreme attack does the least amount of damage...WTF...why does it seem like in every game she is always the weakest person...In Marvel Vs Capcom...she wasn't even an optional player...All she could do was support...and even then, her attacks were the weakest...I'm really sick of this...Even when I level her up, and use Emma Frost who is the next weakest person...Emma is still stronger....
This is a shame...WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK...??
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Because game programmers underestimate the power of plasma.  They mistake her powers for a pretty light display, but even Dazzler can provide more than just sparkles.

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I agree that Dazzler does display more powers/abilites...but that doesn't discount the fact that Jubilee's powers are ample as well...Even in her special ability, Detonate, it only caused knockback effect. which didn't really do anything.
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I loved Jubilee in that game, and too bad she isn't a mutant anymore, otherwise i'm sure they would of added her in future games. 
My team was: Magma, Gambit, Jean, and Emma Frost :D

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: That must have been a wack ass team...You probably had to level them up to like the maximum cause, Emma Frost was almost as bad as Jubes (power wise, her melee was pretty sweet when you leveled her pisonic strike all the way up) Magma's most usefull power was the volcano thing, and her Atlas form...Jean was an all around great character to use...and Gambit...he's so mehh in that game...
as I said my line up was Storm, Jubes, Wolvie, and Iceman...perfect combination
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@Slight: I never has Wolverine in my team :P
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Even though I love him...Don't get me wrong...I think he was just to hard to kill...everything has to revolve around his supreme bad ass ness- the game started out with him...and ended with him...He was in every seen, there were missions where he had a whole thing to himself...
While Jubilee was never put into any of the cut scene sequences, and when Magma first talked to her in the garden courtyard, she was sooo bleh, that I almost quit the game right then...The way they explored her powers through dialog was atrocious. 
Did you ever play with Jubes?...and if you did...Did you think her Bait(etc) power was bullspit like I did?
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@Slight: I loved playing as her, but i forgot what her powers were in that game lol :P lmao
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: just look in the op...They are sh!itty...That bait thing was just like the straw that broke the camels back...It didn't do anything, and it took like half of her energy....
Her melee attacks were atrocious as well...You actually had to use stun, trip combos in order to hit someone...Everything else was blocked...
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@Slight: I liked her Independence day move :]
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Well, it WAS the most visually aesthetic, but it rarely k.o'd the ememies...
But her Solo mission to get her Specialized Equipment was cool too...(Hypnotic Skyburst was what it was called)
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@Slight: I want to play this game now -___- To bad it's lost somewhere in my house :P
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Gahhhh mine too...And you know what else...When you beat the game...Everyone but Jubilee gets a new suit
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@Slight: I would of loved to have her suit from the 90's cartoon :D
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Ohhhh me tooo...I wanted those pink sunglasses, and her long yellow coat, and her shorts
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@Slight: That would of been beautiful to see ^_^
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yes...yes it would have

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Its really rediculous how much ppl underestimate Jubilee and her powers. Shes like Robin to Wolverine's Batman so im really surprised she doesnt get much play and shes powerful. They always give her these little sparkles when her (former) power is explosive energy plasma...such a waste cuz i loved playing with her in X-Men Legends also...
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Jubes is rubbish in this game. I played it when it came out and I am currently playing it again. When you beat the game Rogue doesn't get a new suit either. Emma is slightly rubbish too which pisses me off. My teams are very interchangable because I like to use all of the xmen often it makes me feel better but a team I like to use is: Storm, Jean, Gambit, Cyclops. Oh, and Gambit is not "meh" if you level him right he kicks a$$. I think Rogue isnt that great when it comes to her moves, but she is strong as hell. Jean is the absolute bada$$ imo. Her psyhic scream decemates everything in sight. Overall very good game Legends 2 is better though. Oh, Psylocke is awesome in 1, too bad you get her near the end, and she doesnt have her cool outfit on.
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Loved the game n soon as i got psyloke i playd the crap out of her. Jubilee wasnt horible she was stil a useful member she jus needed some beter ampage. An while the outfit wasnt much for her she dosnt hav the richest closet out there. Also i like emma infact on the astral plain in particular she seemed to decimate thos criters with ease. An finaly yes wolvie got alot of spot light in the game but then again hes 1 of the most iconic xmen as well as fit the part senc wolvie has a nack for picking up prodigees or side kicks includeing jubilee shadowcat n x23  

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