Jubilee and Captain America Team Up!!

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A+X 12, which stands for Avengers and X-Men issue 12, will be released in September.

Each issue features two stories of team ups between heroes from their respective teams. The solicits state that Captain America has met his match in... JUBILEE?

:) I'm pretty excited about this. A few years ago, Captain America wrote bios on the mutant community. Here is what he said about Jubes:

What are your thoughts on this upcoming team-up issue? Any potential for Jubilee to get invited to join or train with the Avengers?

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I'm loving this. It's such a random team-up, and yet it feels like an excellent match. They have very little in common so I'm very curious to see how their dynamics will turn out. Also, I love the fact that Jubilee - a character who has often been pushed aside by writers who do not appreciate her at all - gets to team-up with one of the biggest names of the Marvel Universe.

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Those are my thoughts exactly! Both Jubilee and Cap got to work together when she and Wolverine teamed up with Captain America and Black Widow. It was a short team up that only lasted an issue or two... but it happened.

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