Jubilee a part of SHIELD?

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I was going through some old New Warriors comics and I came across this cool ninja looking character but everybody called her Jube or Jubilee... is this the mutant Jubilee or is there another character with the same name?

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Jubilee was a main character in that volume of New Warriors... which lasted about 20 issues. She was chosen from Night Thrasher to be the field leader of the team. The team consisted of mutants who lost their powers after M-Day, including Jubilee... they utilized tech gadgets, armor, and weapons to have super powers... similar to what Iron Man does. None of them were a part of SHIELD. As the field leader, Jubilee used the codename 'Wondra,' and had gadgets that allowed her to have super strength, durability, and the ability to fly with hover discs. Since then, she has become a mutant vampire, and is the main character in the new X-Men series that is coming out in April that features an all-female cast.

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