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Uhh I won't put her anywhere near a Mary Sue, cause I haven't seen her in a lot of comics. And when I did, she was never overly joyous or any of that. Jubilee has a lot of character, well when I read the issues that did have her. Though I admit Emma Frost's quote on her being the most powerful mutant she's ever seen could make some people have doubts. Personally I like her.  
But to the point, while I haven't read the comics. The idea of Jubilee becoming a vampire has made me wonder. Are they jumping the shark with this? I admit its a good twist to add in a story. But it does make me wonder how this will be. Is this good for Jubilee or will this ruin her and just make her appear more annoying? Will we get another verison of Twilight only with Jubilee? Does this mean the old Jubilee has died(personality I mean) and are we faced with a darker character? Will this end up like another Daken for Wolverine?

PS. No offense to you Twilight lovers out there. So no flames about me dissing Twilight. But its a fact, Twilight's a vampire story people love and people love to HATE. So I'm using that as a reference.

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