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At school, Jubilee has to council a former honor roll student, who suddenly got all F’s and is suspected of being enrolled in a street gang. Jubilee tries to talk to Charlie, but he doesn’t want to listen and runs away in the middle of the session. Later during the day, Jubilee meets up with her friend, Meg, and Dale Spangler, who has once again broke up with Missy. Dale even invites both Jubilee and Meg to a dance the school is giving. Jubilee goes back home to her aunt, where she gets a call from her former partner, Wolverine, who wanted to know how Jubilee was settling in. Jubilee also goes to check on her aunt, who is getting better. Next day, Jubilee has a talk with Charlie’s street gang leader, Shane Shooter. Shooter wants Jubilee to stop interfering with his gang, but Jubilee puts it in Shooter’s head that he is ruining Charlie’s life. Jubilee goes back to school and on with her life. Later that night, Shooter gathers his group and Charlie, and tells Charlie that he’s out of the gang, and that he better focuses on his schoolwork. Charlie happily thanks him, and Shooter gives Charlie one final good-bye show. Shooter aims at a nearby can, and points his finger at it. Suddenly, energy comes out of his finger and Shooter shoots right in the middle of the can! The entire gang, plus Charlie, cheer, and say “Shane Shooter, so cool.”

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