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Judy Kingsley tries to brief Jubilee into how to be a student counselor, but that is easier said that done. Afterwards, Jubilee goes back to her friend, Meg, who gets bugged by the other kids. They even joke about Jubilee being a mutant and sadistically ask her if she’s going to kill them with her powers. Jubilee, not bothered by it, jokingly responds back that’s not such a bad idea. The kids leave her be from now on. Later, Jubilee gets approached by Dale, who wants to know more about her mutant powers. Jubilee explains to him what her powers are. Later, Dale tells Jubilee that he and Missy broke up. Time passes, and Jubilee meets up with Meg and tells her all this. Jubilee thinks that Dale wants to ask her out, but fears that he’ll only do it to maintain his popularity. After spending some free time with Meg at the mall, Jubilee takes a cab back home to her Aunt Lee. In front of the house, she is surprised by her aunt, who doesn’t want Jubilee taking cabs anymore and instead has bought her a scooter! Next day at school, Jubilee talks to Dale again, wanting to ask him out. Dale stops her, telling Jubilee that he is back with Missy. At gym, Jubilee talks to Meg about this, who seems to be distracted by the other kids making fun of her. Jubilee notices and tells Meg not to let those kids get to her. Jubilee says that she has to do the same thing with all the mutant haters calling her “mutie” constantly. Meg understands. At the end of the school day, Jubilee goes back to Judy’s office. Judy congratulates Jubilee about her conversation with Meg, who puts everything into perspective now. Judy knows that Jubilee is finally getting the hang of counseling. Later that night, when Jubilee is back home, she finds her aunt and the butler coming back home. Hope is badly injured after her “business meeting” and has to sleep it off. Jubilee doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and simply walks back to her room.







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