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Consumed By Darkness

The Story: 

The JSA must contend with Black Adam, The Injustice Society, Obsidian and Extant. 

My Thoughts:

This action packed story arc was written by Geoff Johns and David S. Goyer. While I felt like this series didn't get off to the most exciting start, it really picks up within these issues. As the JSA go from one threat to the next, the writers manage to mesh it all together nicely making it feel more like a day in the life of a superhero team, rather than overkill. I like the roster additions who took the place of departing members. The team is comprised of well-rounded characters which makes this such a fun and exciting series to read. 

The scenarios the writers have put these characters in and how they have overcome adversity is what makes this colorful team so compelling. Each character has had to face their inner demons and the whole concept of "when darkness falls" was a great choice for a superhero team comic. The pacing is fast which was appropriate due to the type of threat the team was faced with. Having Obsidian, the son of a JSA member, turn to the dark side added that extra emotion the series greatly needed and made an excellent story.

The art was pretty good for the time this came out. Stephen Sadowski, Marcos Martin, Buzz and Michael Bair were the contributing pencilers. Sadowski and Martin were my two favorites. The series covers were awesome. I particularly enjoyed the splash page of Doctor Mid-Nite when he first arrived. He was drawn perfectly. The lettering may feel like it's from the 80's or early 90's as well as the way a few panels were constructed. Otherwise the art is pretty solid. 

If you're a JSA fan or want to check out some of their comics this would be a great series to start at. It's a fun and exciting, action-packed comic well worth the read. After completing this series I would recommend checking out their more recent series as well.  

Rating: 4.5/5
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