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Bring me some Joy!

There is hardly any information about Janice Yanizeski early life or how she got her powers but what is known is that her father was a degenerate gambler who told her the family creed, “always have a card to play.” Before she left for college she assisted a mob boss steal money from her father and in return her life would be spared.

She attended the University of Arizona and led a normal, quiet life that she detested so one day she decided to do something about her boring life. She dropped out of college and disappeared for nearly three years and returned under the name “ Joystick” with enhanced physical abilities. She then turned into a adrenaline junkie and got a job at Chi Huan Associates and a side job as a mercenary.

She joined the Thunderbolts around the time that Atlas, MACH-IV, and Speed Demon joined; she gained many enemies such as: Batrocs Brigade, HYDRA, Scarlet Spider, and Green Goblin. Through her time on the Thunderbolts team she began to get the hang of her powers and is now a big match against her teammate Speed Demon besting him in hand to hand battles and matching his quickness. It is presumed she is bisexual for her many comments and her actions in “ Civil War” where some students stole MACH-IV’s armor and she opened it quickly when it was said there was a girl powering the suit. She said “there’s a chick in here... Just wanted to see if she was cute.” Joystick is very flirtatious to any male in her vicinity and is very much the life of the party, but has been known to be quite aggressive at times.


Joystick was created by Tom DeFalco and Mark Bagley and first appeared in The Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 (1995).

Major Story Arcs

Great Games

Joystick was a contestant in a underground competition known as “The Great Game” where wealthy spectators sponsored and bet on superhuman contestants to fight. Joystick participated and was sponsored by her old boss Chu Chi Huan, chairman of Chi-Huan associates. Chi Huan equipped her with a suit, weapons, and paid her traveling expenses as long as she gave him a portion of the money and continued to win. There was a ultimate prize that would go to the winner of the Game which was sponsored by James Johnsmeyer. Throughout the completion she battled against enhanced super humans, Scarlet Spider, and Toro Negro. Unfortunately the Great Game was stopped by its sponsors and no one was awarded the Ultimate Prize.

Masters of Evil

Joystick then decided to join The Masters of Evil and aided them with their extortion plan but was ambushed by the Thunderbolts and sent to prison. She then joined the re-vamped Great Game and traveled to the United Nations with ally’s Tremolo and Polestar to battle the Thunderbolts, Mr. Fantastic, and Namor. Later the Games sponsors triggered the contestants hand bombs, Joystick and the rest of the contestants worked together to escape and turn off the bombs just in time before the bombs detonated.


Two for Flinching

Joystick joined the new team of Thunderbolts but butted heads with the group while trying to save the world and defeat enemies. It was later discovered that she was working for Grandmaster who wanted her to steal the Moonstones of Zemo. She met Speed Demon in combat and showed that she could match him speed wise and eventually broke both his legs with her batons, She held her own against the Thunderbolts but was eventually defeated in battle and then sent to prison.

Powers and abilities

Joystick's power origin is unknown but her power where augmented by the Grandmaster, which her powers have been some what equivalent to that of the Scarlet Spider.

What A Woman!

Superhuman Strength: Joystick is able to lift up 10 tons.

Super Speed: Joystick is able reach speeds of 175 mph.

Stamina: With an augmented body she can exert herself for up to 24 full hours before the stress and fatigue being to take its toll.

Durability: Joysticks entire body is able to withstand super speed friction, extreme impacts, and extreme injuries that would bring instant death to any normal human.

Agility: Joystick is able to bend beyond the human bending limits and has excellent balance which would make her perfect if she was trying to get thru alarm lasers



Joystick comes equipped with two metal gauntlets that produce two energy blue batons that are strong enough to break cement and cause critical force to anything it comes in contact with. If the batons are slammed together they can cause a force wave knocking out any opponent and can be flung at long distances. Their source of energy are two strontium chips, the gauntlet also comes with computer hacking wires that she can use with her expert computer knowledge hacking skills.

Height: 5’8

Weight: 143

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

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