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According to Warp Graphics, "Bearclaw and Joyleaf were Cutter's parents. Bearclaw was also chief of the Wolfriders until his and Joy'eaf's untimely death at the claws of the monster Madcoil. (EQ #4) ... Bearclaw and Joyleaf live on in the memories of readers who still think of the pair as their favorite characters." (EQ #8)

Child of Timmain, Mother of Cutter

These parents are tiny elven creatures who inhabit the forest, riding wolves to stalk prey. Timmain is their progenitor of a divine race. In order to survive on a unwelcoming planet, she transmorphed into a full-wolf. Thus, she gave origin to the mutant elves called Wolfriders (also the Go-Backs), who are a hybrid of …Grey E.T. and wolf.

joyleaf is sensitive, graceful, and kind, but Bearclaw is voracious, aggressive, and uncompromising. They pass all of these traits on to elfquest's protagonist, Cutter Kinseeker, blood of Ten Chiefs.

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