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Joy Page was a blonde-haired nurse at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in Vanity City. She was very flirtatious, with a running rumor that she’s hooked up with everyone at the hospital at one point.

 Joy Page kissing Aztek
When Aztek assumed the identity of Dr. Curt Falconer, St. Bartholomew’s newest doctor, Joy had her eye on him. Egged on by colleague Dr. Moseley, Joy maneuvered Aztek into asking her for a date. The two went out on a date to a cowboy-themed restaurant, and it became evident that this was Aztek’s first date ever. Before the awkward dinner could finish, however, their date was interrupted by Death-Doll, a villain hunting Aztek for the death of her ex-husband. After the battle, Aztek swung by Joy’s apartment, where he overheard her speaking on the phone with Moseley about the general displeasure at their date. They each mutually decided to not continue a romance.
When the Lizard King came to Vanity City to try to replace Aztek as the Q Foundation’s champion against the shadow god, the Lizard King kidnapped Joy, thinking her to be Aztek’s girlfriend. The Lizard King had hopes that Aztek would surrender his mask in order to save Joy’s life. Aztek did, however, the Lizard King had killed Joy before he ever arrived. Joy was desiccated using ancient Q Foundation rituals, with her blood sucked out of her body, and her body becoming an effigy about a foot long. After defeating the Lizard King, Aztek took Joy’s body back to St. Bartholomew’s to see if there could be anything done to help her, but they could not save her. 

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