Is 'Journey into Mystery'...?

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You know how DC has Detective Comics and Action Comics respectively, and how they are a sub-comic of the specific Batman and Superman titles? Is Journey into Mystery Thor's version of Detective comics? Or is it something else entirely?

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Currently, JiM is Loki's playground. Much like Lex Luthor was the star of Action Comics for a year under Cornell. In general, JiM has not run concurrently with Thor's on-going with the length AC and DC have for Superman and Batman, respectively. Thor first appeared in the book and his first on-going title originated from it. There is also a JiM volume 2 which I have not read.
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Not necessarily, I don't know if Thor is popular enough these days to support more than one title, but I'd like it if it was.

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JiM is an awesome book, it's one of the very few Marvel books I actually like and I hope they keep it Lokis book because I am really not a Thor fan at all.

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As aforementioned, it's basically Loki's chill place, but yeah, you have the gist of it.

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Yes, it used to be. It was an anthology book with different characters & stories. Thor first appeared there, and was eventually deemed popular enough to take over the title.

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