Journey into mystery 645 ending questions BEWARE SPOILERS.

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First I want to say that I know that the question is outdated but I just read the TPB.

Well, I just want to know if I'm right. So Old Loki took over and manipulated kid Loki

from the start so he would be loved by Asgard again and now he tries to remain good but probably fail.

And what did you think of the ending, I've seen a lot of negative reaction to it allthough,

I think it was the perfect ending, dramatic and sad but good at the same time. I always thought old Loki would "win" although he didn't really win.

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no one

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@Loki9876: I picked up JIM at the start of Everything Burns arc. I say you're right and I was satisfied with the ending. Its a shame this board is so dead.

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