otoboke's Journey into Mystery #93 - The Mysterious Radio-Active Man! review

The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!

"By blanking my blank, I will be able to blank the blank and blankety blank!"

Exposition, superfluous detailing of both Thor and his villain of the month's superpowers (which again are caused by huge doses of radiation—one wonders why the CCA never saw this as something to crank down on) and more Red communist paranoia permeate the Thor universe this month as he squares up against some guy who controls radiation... or something. Talk about dull. I feel like I've read this too many times already. The mystery is gone. In its place are giant leaps of logic, boundless contrivances and amateur-hour writing. Someone get this Bernstein guy out of here.

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    To give you an idea of what this issue is like (if you can't tell by the cover), here's a summary of the splash page: Out of the sinister, scientific laboratories of Red China is spawned a new kind of menace, designed only for one purpose... to destroy the mighty Thor, protector of democracy! That is the background, and this is the story! The titanic tale of... The Mighty Thor versus... "The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!" "By Odin! Something has deflected my hammer! I cannot injure you!" "Exactly...

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