otoboke's Journey into Mystery #91 - Sandu, Master Of The Supernatural review

Sandu, Master of the Supernatural

So we're nine issues into the Mighty Thor series, and already we've seen 3 appearances of his younger, bothersome brother Loki. This might be seen as problematic were it not for the fact that the God of Mischief is one of the very few villains that Thor has went up against thus far that hasn't been utterly forgettable. This time however Loki (thankfully) doesn't manage to escape Odin and Asgard once more and instead uses his mental prowess to empower a mental magician by amping up his powers tenfold. Naturally, upon receiving these powers, he starts causing mayhem and demanding to be Ruler of the World—Which doesn't sit well with Thor. Heads butt, and the usual action unfolds, but what's a nice sidenote to all this is this month's villain, Sandu's ultimate downfall is in his absolute lust for power which manifests when he tries to lift Thor's hammer. Overall, not bad, but nothing spectacular either; a kind of middle-of-the-road outing that showcases Sinnott and Brodsky's art style which suits Thor a whole lot more than Al Hartley's from last month.

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