etragedy's Journey into Mystery #91 - Sandu, Master Of The Supernatural review

Average Journey Into Mystery is Below Average Marvel

Let's get one thing straight - I'm no longer bothering to read the backup stories in Journey Into Mystery. Even though the ones in this issue are better than most, it's become abundantly clear that the title is nothing more than a vehicle for Thor stories, and everything else is either tripe, propaganda, filler, or substandard short stories included for reduced postage rates.
So, let's talk about Thor. While 'Sandu, Master of the Supernatural' is indeed better than last issue (how could it not be?), it still falls below average for Silver Age Marvel comics. Loki is still able to do things from imprisonment, and all the Asgardian gods' powers seem to be pretty fuzzy and inconsistent in limitations. Then there's the art - again improved from last issue, but still not great - what happened to Jack Kirby? Finally, even with all his limitless power, Thor still seems to be calling upon Odin at the drop of the hat to answer questions or come fix things (he does it more than once in this issue).
I hope Thor has better stories in his future, otherwise he would've been best left in the Eddas.

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