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  1. The Vengeance of Loki - Loki is returned to Asgard by Mjolnir following the events of "Trapped by Loki, the God of Mischief!", but then uses magic to spy on Thor escaping from the Reds in "Prisoner of the Reds!". Discovering that Thor must maintain a hold on Mjolnir or be transformed into the mortal Don Blake, Loki plans to use this knowledge to defeat Thor!
  2. Masquerade (text story) - Tommy would never ordinarily go to a masquerade party, but for Kitty, he'll do it just this once.
  3. Behind Locked Doors! - a communist agitator plans to weaken America's economy.
  4. Long Live the Queen! - in ancient Egypt, a royal handmaiden will do anything to be a queen.

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Thor vs. Loki Round 2 0

Following their duel in Journey into Mystery #85, Loki is conveyed to Asgard via flying magic hammer. Once there, Odin, in the presence of the rest of the Asgardian Gods, forbids Loki from leaving Asgard again. But, Loki uses magic to see Thor escaping from communists by turning into Don Blake, and sees this as the key to defeating him. Sneaking past Bifrost guardian Heimdall in the form of a snake, Loki returns to Earth with a new plan to bedevil Thor.The good here is the connection to p...

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The Vengeance of Loki 0

A much more engrossing and fitting outing for Thor’s favourite annoying sibling (something which is explicitly mentioned now) this week, though one that is still dabbling in the absurd. On the plus side, we get to see more of Asgard, Odin and Heimdall’s Bifrost (someone’s been doing their research!); the magic that seems to bind the pages together during these sections is truly awesome. What’s not quite as strong however is when Loki decides to be mischievous and turns everyone’s cars and such i...

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