etragedy's Journey into Mystery #87 - Prisoner Of The Reds! review

Unintentionally Hilarious

Look at the cover.

These chains are electronically treated! I cannot break them!

Uhh... what?


Wait for it... wait for it... LMAO!!!

O.K. let's talk about the good first - two issues ago, the creative team wasn't credited at all. Last issue the big three (writer, penciler, inker) were credited in small print in the bottom margin of the first page. This issue the splash page features a banner crediting everyone, including the letterer.

Now that that's out of the way. What's wrong here? Well, in addition to the obvious propaganda (the words 'Russia' or 'U.S.S.R.' never appear, but we see a panel of the Kremlin, and there are numerous references to 'The Iron Curtain' and the bad guys are hilariously known as 'The Reds' or 'The Commies' - even to each other), there's also the Superman phenomenon of 'whatever powers we can dream up'. For instance, in this issue, Thor blinds his opponents by rubbing his hands at super speed on either side of the head of his hammer, building up friction and sparks(?!?) that create a brilliant flash - what the Hell? He couldn't have just used his already established lightning bolt power? Later, he super speed tunnels through the earth by swinging his hammer (supports anyone?).

Jane Foster also lays it on really thick in this issue, swooning over Thor at every chance, and talking about how much of a weakling Don Blake is (the guy she claimed to secretly be in love with a few issues ago) in another imitation of the Superman comics; this time Lois Lane's shtick.

Now, don't get me wrong - this issue is worth reading - in the bad movies and junk food kind of way. But if you are looking for quality Thor tales, look elsewhere.
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