mtharman's Journey into Mystery #85 - Trapped By Loki, The God Of Mischief! review

Loki's revenge for being shoved up inside a tree.

Ladies and Gentlemen and all other fellow badguys, I present to you, the very first "official" introduction of one of Marvels greatest baddies of Norse Mythology, Loki.  
Couple days ago I decided to challenge myself with my video reviews and do one of a baddie that I wasn't too interested in, for some reason mythology and Marvel really flys over my head. Anyways, Loki was my subject, and I believe that I managed to present Youtube a pretty nice flick, but after doing an intense research on this villainous snob, I noticed how interested I was in his very first introduction as a Thor baddie. Even though I doubt that some modern Marvel fans never had the chance to read this issue, well have no fear because im about to take your ass into the past and see how Loki's grand entrance handled itself. 
The Storyline:  
Different and damn near hilarious, back then it wasn't no mystery that Marvel Comics targeted one audience, those Little Rascals ( kids if you didn't catch what I was saying ). I have to give Stan "the Man" Lee credit for his use of imagination and interest in the world of Norse Mythology. I could actually compare this storyline so easily to the Superfreinds Show, because thats exactly how this comic presented itself.  
But besides how comical and ridiculous this issue is, I gotta give it full credit for what it was trying to show, a serious threat and a major villain for Thor. This issue pulled that goal off perfectly as we see Loki's snarling cheap car-salesman grin numerous times after this one issue. 
Yeah, I always love to give away and spoil the fights, and for this one I would love to spoil. So how did Thor manage to defend himself from this new threat? and who actually won or had the upperhand and only won out of sheer dumb luck? all here in this nifty Spoiler box.  
So Loki decides to go off and fight Thor for no reason at all after escaping his imprisonment from some tree. In this issue it doesn't describe that Loki is Thors brother or why he wants Thors head on a platter besides that Thor was responsible for being shoved up some huge tree's ass, that I can understand why somebody would go seek vengeance. 
Anyways, I wouldn't call this a fight, it's like, "Look at what I can do Thor, its magic you dumb oaf" and "run, run, run as fast as you can, you no catch me because im the Loki man", yeah, alot of chasing and magic tricks from Loki instead of some smashing royal Asgardian ass-kicking. 
So using his wits, Thor manages to catch Loki's tricky ass as he shoves him into some water pipe and throws his ass back to Asgard with his mighty hammer.
Winner: Thor
The Artwork: 
Much like the storytelling from Stan Lee, comical, hilarious, and acceptable for what it is. I know that this comic currently can't be judged for its coloring, maybe the inking which I liked by the way, but for heavy hardcore superhero artwork fanatics, you may dislike how the storytelling went for the artwork, even compared to todays modern Thor.  
The Conclusion: 
As of right now, many comic fans may see this issue extremely childish and hilarious in so many ways, which is understandable but doesn't nor shouldn't take away a real comic fans use for his inner child and imagination to enjoy this comic. 
I exactly knew what Stan Lee and his Marvel crew was trying to do, introduce a new threat for Thor who was the opposite of what Thor was and stood for, and despite the fact that there was barely no fight scene, it did make an impact on comic readers that their beloved God of Thunder was in big trouble, much like Spiderman when he met his first serious threat. 
I did think Loki's appearance was quite interesting as we see him try everything in the "HOW TO GET THOR'S HAMMER FOR DUMMIES" book and that this was probably the first and only time we see some chick fall head over heels for the God of Mischief. 
Overall, if your a hardcore Marvel fan and love reading the golden oldies, then this is one issue that you may find yourself interested in and that shouldn't be passed up. 
If you didn't get a chance to see my newest flick of a baddie, here's a baddie review of Loki incase you don't know anything about this guy or just to get a brief run on who this guy is.  
Im that Badguy saying thankyou for reading and watching if you clicked the play button, and i'll see you next time. 
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