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Loki's revenge for being shoved up inside a tree. 0

Ladies and Gentlemen and all other fellow badguys, I present to you, the very first "official" introduction of one of Marvels greatest baddies of Norse Mythology, Loki.  Couple days ago I decided to challenge myself with my video reviews and do one of a baddie that I wasn't too interested in, for some reason mythology and Marvel really flys over my head. Anyways, Loki was my subject, and I believe that I managed to present Youtube a pretty nice flick, but after doing an intense research on this ...

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Loki, Asgard's Mxyzptlk 0

This issue is bad.The writing is bad, and the art isn't good enough to save it.It is the first appearance of Loki, so it gets points for that - but that's it.Loki, who's trapped in a tree on Asgard, can only be free if someone sheds a tear over his plight. Using his powers to make the tree lose a leaf right as Heimdal is passing, so that it falls in his eye and sheds a tear (which was caused by Loki's plight at being the one to make the leaf fall - don't think about it too hard, it'll just make ...

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Trapped by Loki, The God of Mischief 0

While still sitting in some murky waters, Journey into Mystery improves once again this week, this time providing our Norse God with some trouble in the form of his pain in the neck brother (though this relation is never acknowledged here) Loki. It’s the third book in three months, making it the fastest published title at the time, and being penned by Stan’s younger brother, it has a definite fresh feel to it despite seemingly being rushed out.With that said, there are still problems abound in t...

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