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Lady-like? There's no lady like SIF! Spoiling for a fight since the day she was born, Sif makes her OWN action!

Exiled to a forgotten island, things heat up when our heroine falls in with a group of brutal Asgardian savages! Whatever is a lady to do?!

Why, join them in their millennia-old battle against monsters of course!

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Barbecue with Berzerckers 0

I know nowadays people, the media, the internet, everyone are buzzing about the lack of feminin force in the comic book industry, but I don't believe the answer to this problem is to give a female writer a female character and letting her weave a feminist whole based comic book story, I like Sif, I always fancied her for being a fierce warrior, yet sexy and charming enough, a lady and a brave woman, but now, over the effects of this Berzercker, she's nothing more than a bully whose thirsty for b...

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Video Review: Journey Into Mystery #648 0

I really enjoyed this issue. #646 was alright but it wasn't enough for me to want to keep going. I decided to give JIM another chance, partly because #648 had a really nice cover. Overall, I enjoyed this issue quite a bit and the ending definitely earned this series a spot on my pull list....

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Hack and Slash with Sif 0

Though Lady Sif's adventures as a Berserker might not make the most thought provoking read - actually far from it - but they do make for an action packed romp. With some eye-catching art, witty gags, and an interesting upcoming guest appearance, there's hope yet that this iteration of Journey could live up to the wondrous Kid Loki run....

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