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Lovely and Amazing

Wow wow wow wow wow.
This is one of the best monthly comics I have ever read, especially when considered in it's place as the capstone to a fantastic long-running story arc.
It's thoughtful, it's emotionally deep and affecting.  It caps off rich characterizations and complex plots.
It makes it clear that everything that has happened with Loki, starting with Siege: Loki onwards, has been part of a grand plan, and I've rarely seen a long-term arc come off this well in comics before.
The art was fantastic and complemented the story very well.
The non-conversations between Leah and Loki were exquisite.
The page with Loki and Leah just before "the end"?  Simply stunning.  It's rare for a comic to be so simply beautiful and actually affect me in my core in such a way.
I should say that while I have become a huge fan of Kid Loki, I was always a huge fan of Regular Loki before that, and I think Regular Loki was also rendered very well here, and I look forward to seeing what happens with him hereafter.  Also, interesting comment from Hela about Loki not being her father.
On one of the first pages, we can see a character holding a book, which bears the title, "A Comedy in Thirty Parts, or, a Tragedy in Thirty-One."  This puts it perfectly.  How charming, how fun, how sad.
A perfect ending and a great contribution to the world of comics.  Here's hoping that the upcoming arc can do with Sif what this has done with Loki.


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