holysmokes's Journey into Mystery #64 - I Dared To Battle ... Rorgg King Of The Spider Men!! review

Tim has to save the town from Rorgg!

I Dared to Battle Rorgg, King of the Spider Men: A small town of Mexico is invaded by giant Spider creatures, and it is up to one boy who reads a lot of science fiction comic books to save the town. While I thought this story had a lot of potential, with a “War of the World” like storyline, the way Tim drove off the spider-men in the end was very silly, and almost laughable. I couldn’t take the story seriously based on how it ended.

I Found the Lair of the Lizard Men: A ruthless escaped convict finds a secret cave and discovers a tribe of lizard men who hold a giant diamond, and he intends to steal it from them. This story was awesome! I enjoyed every panel of it, as the story was well paced, nicely drawn and it had a few shocking moments.

I Must Find Korumbu!: A fat man goes to a gypsy tribe to drink an experimental formula that would make him instantly lose weight, with drastic consequences. I wonder if Stephen King got his idea for “Thinner” from this story, as both the stories are nearly similar in nature. That being said, I did enjoy reading this story, and kind of felt bad for Hugo in the end.

The Weatherman: A young boy riding home from the drugstore breaks a rainmaker’s stick that controls the weather. This story was boring. It didn’t have any shocks, thrills, or suspense that I am accustomed to getting from this series. The plot itself wasn’t that interesting to begin with, and didn’t even make that much sense. If the Weatherman wanted to secure his identity, why is he leaving sticks in the open ground for people to run over anyway? This story was not a good addition.

Who Is the Ape Man?: The strong man of the circus keeps taunting the apes to satisfy his humor, but he meets his match when a stronger man makes a fool out of him. This was a fairly interesting story to read, but the ending had a big twist that made me go ‘huh’? (and not in a good way). However, other than the unbelievable ending, I enjoyed the rest of the story.

Overall, I thought this was a fairly mediocre issue of “Journey Into Mystery” since only a few of the stories are worth reading.  

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