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In almost every way, this entire series thus far has been entirely dependent on Fear Itself for its success,which has not been a particularly easy task seeing as Fear itself is not getting to the places where its creators might have hoped it would have.  This series has maintained some relevance by basically showing a story of Loki conniving which really is fun to see in itself regardless of the context.  Here finally we get to have the plot tied into the main story line more directly and the result is decent enough, but it fails the closer it gets.  Most of the characters portrayed within here are reasonably well portrayed, and the action is good, but as the story descends into the regular 'nothing can stop the Serpent' aspects, it loses some of its steam.  Overall though still a relatively entertaining issue.  


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    Loki and his makeshift crew invade the Serpent's Dark Asgard in an attempt to put an end to his war of conquest, but can they succeed against overwhelming odds?The GoodLove the intros to these issues, never cease to make me smile.The beginning of this issue with the Serpent'sTongue and Mephisto's messenger was really comedic.It's no secret that Whilce Portacio's art has taken a turn for the terrible since his accident. This issue actually works to his strengths. There's lots of action and it all...

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