jonesdeini's Journey into Mystery #628 - Operation: Asgardian Storm review

Asgard's Seven

Loki and his makeshift crew invade the Serpent's Dark Asgard in an attempt to put an end to his war of conquest, but can they succeed against overwhelming odds?

The Good

Love the intros to these issues, never cease to make me smile.

The beginning of this issue with the Serpent'sTongue and Mephisto's messenger was really comedic.

It's no secret that Whilce Portacio's art has taken a turn for the terrible since his accident. This issue actually works to his strengths. There's lots of action and it all flows kinetically. And the bestial denizens of Dark Asgard look quite nice. Not mention Portacio's portrayal of the Disir works really well. The Destroyer armor also looks appropriately bulky.

I thought how Loki and co. gained entrance into Dark Asgard was very clever and an excellent example of Loki's ability to strategize.

I'd never noticed in prior issues, but the Disir are absolutely insane in the best way possible. I loved every line of their dialogue and their thirst for battle (and souls) really kept me smiling during this issue. Their antagonistic relationship with Tyr was really well written this issue. But I really liked seeing them interact and play off of one another.

Seeing the Destroyer lay the smack down on some Frost Giants was worth the price of admission all on its own.

The way Tyr dealt with Sin's mech troopers was really clever and one of those charming moments that permeate this book.

The flirtation between Loki and Leah was excellently written and humorous, though it does raise uncomfortable questions if Leah is what I suspect she is.

Loki's plan to take down the Serpent is definitely not what I expected, I suppose we'ere about to find out if the pen is truly mightier than the sword.

The Bad

This cover was really boring, definitely doesn't show what Stephanie Hans is capable of.

It pains me to say this but Whilce Portacio's art just isn't what it used to be. Anything that's supposed to look like a human looks really, really, really bad in this issue. It's not as bad as his work on Uncanny recently, but still flat out bad. And that's really saying something considering his overall art has improved IMO. I know it's not his fault and I'm glad he's still alive period and doing what he loves, but I just can't bear to look at it.

This is the second issue with a fill in artists and more importantly it was a fill in on a regular issue not a side story/one shot like the last one. This has me worried. I'd hate for the regular art team to leave this book. They truly are half of what makes this book such a great read.

The Verdict

I'm going to rule this one a buy. Despite generally poor art, Gillen's writing is so strong that I have to give this book its just due. This issue had a really fun spy/covert mission vibe to it. The trademark humor and strong characterization and dialogue still shines through in spite of the sub par pencils. This issue had action, comedy, dark romance, and was massive amounts of fun to read. Hopefully the regular art team was only taking a break and will be back next issue so that this book can shine like I know it can. All things considered, Journey Into Mystery remains one of Marvel's best, interesting, and unique titles.


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