carnivalofsins00's Journey into Mystery #624 - Feeling Hela Good review

Journey Into Mystery #624

After Loki sacrificed himself in Siege, he is now reborn in the body of a child, but appears to be more of an ally then the evil god we have grown to know. A Fear Itself tie in book, the first page takes some time to recap his part in helping Thor escape and breaking out the Hel-Wolf for his own use. 
Kieron Gillen's run on Thor is some of my favorite work. Over all, I think he's a great writer. In this particular issue we get to see him explore these almighty gods a little more. Something that is growing out of this series is the relationship between Volstagg and young Loki. I've never know Volstagg to be one of the deeper characters and Gillen gives us a different side to him, doing a terrific job just exploring his character and, as I mentioned before, his growing relationship with Loki. 
Gillen is able to give every character on the page a very distinct feel and voice. I found it very easy to imagine Odin's booming voice as I read his lines of dialogue, for example. Loki is the star of this book however, and some interesting things are being put on the table for him, and elements from his previous Thor run are also being brought back in the picture in a way that makes perfect sense. Even as a kid, we are beginning to get these moment where we aren't so sure if Loki will stay on his path to help his brother, or if he's already planning something completely on his own agenda. He still is the God of Mischief and definitely shows his cunning and conniving ways 
Every line of dialogue is written so poetically and every page looks outstanding. This is a really heavy tie in to Fear Itself, and is definitely recommended, especially if you're reading Marvel's big event. 


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