etragedy's Journey into Mystery #114 - The Stronger I Am, the Sooner I Die! review

Read it for the Action

Once again Loki attempts to defeat Thor by giving powers to a mortal. Using magic that seems more like pseudo-science (an increasing trend in Lee and Kirby's depictions of the Asgardian gods) Loki turns Crusher Creel a brutal con into the Absorbing Man, the latest (and alphabetically first) addition to the Marvel Universe.
There's a lot that seems coincidental or doesn't make sense under too much scrutiny here - just like nearly all Silver Age comics - but that doesn't really matter a lot, because as far as pure action goes - this issue really delivers. The fight between the Absorbing Man and Thor is one that believable actually has Thor up against the ropes.
The Tales of Asgard back up story leaves Loki out for a nice change of pace, and focuses instead on Fenris the Wolf god in a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.
While it's only a bit above average in terms of writing and art, the overall flow, the action, and the introduction of a worthy opponent to Thor make it more fun than most of the early Thor Journey Into Mystery stories.


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