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Five Mysterious stories in this issue

One Foot in the Grave

Several grave robbers steal bundles of pink flowers from fresh graves all over town. They meet up with their boss who is a florist. He pays them for the stolen flowers and restocks them into his shop.

Then, in the middle of the night, a customer comes in to buy some flowers. He asks to buy the very flowers that were just stolen. The florist escorts the man out with the flowers and then realizes he forgot to ask for payment. He runs outside to get the money and the man who bought the flowers is nowhere to be seen. He runs down the street and spots the man ducking into an alley. Turning the corner, he screams and falls down dead. In the alley, the man who "bought" the flowers is apparently one of the corpses who's grave was robbed and he is passing the flowers out to other corpses whose graves were robbed.

The Clutching Hands

Ted Wayne lures successful writer Ellis Brent to an old rotting boat. Ted murders Ellis and takes his latest book manuscript, intending to finish and sell it as his own work. As he sleeps, mysterious hands appear at his type writer, typing away and finishing the book for him. He proceeds to a publisher to get an advance royalty check for the book, but the hands appear again, clutching the publisher's neck until he chokes to death. Ted tries to escape, but he is captured by the police. He is convicted and sentenced to death. At the gallows, just before he is to be executed, a message from the Governor says that the publisher died of a heart attack, clearing him of charges. However the clutching hands appear again, pulling down the gallows lever. As Ted falls, he sees the ghost of Ellis before him.


It Can't Miss








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